Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Feeling melancholy, but I am doing OK.

The moon was bright and beautiful tonight so I took some pictures from my back porch. 

If you are in the northern hemisphere, you may be looking at  the same thing as I.  It is not as if I haven't witnessed this thousands of times in my life, but each time I see that bright, beautiful golden ball in the sky, I have a feeling of wonder in my heart.  It makes me think about all that surrounds me; it gives me peace.  In the best of times, and in the most difficult of times, I look for the light of the moon to shine on me.

My Mom used to sing, "I See the Moon" to me all the time.  I then sang it to my children and then my grandchildren.  The tune always put them to sleep, a peaceful, restful sleep.  I looked it up on You Tube and there are many variations of this song.  I tried to find the one that I am familiar with, but none quite sounded like the voice of my mother.  (I told you that I am melancholy tonight). 

Well, this did not exactly sound like my mother either (her voice was a wee bit higher), but I need to get out of this mood.  So here is a puppet giraffe singing my favorite lullaby.

They say the moon affects our mood, and they are probably right.  I am sitting here watching a puppet with a not-so-good voice, croon my favorite lullaby and I am  getting choked up as I sing along with him/it.  It must be a combination of my age, the moon, and memories.  What does it matter, I am enjoying the sight of a beautiful night sky and that is a good thing.  Just don't tell my kids; they might be thinking it is time to consider "what to do about Mom."
I am not howling - yet.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Birding Around

Seeing some wild skies, but I am doing OK

So I said to hubby, "Hubs, I think you may have gone overboard with all of your bird feeders."

And then the 37 turkey vultures came.

They all know that dinner is served at 6.