Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Still Crazy After All These Years

Computer problems kept me away, but I am doing OK now.

I looked around at the scenery of the outside theater and a lump came to my throat.  Oh my, such wonderful memories had been made there.  It seemed like a short time had passed since we came here as a family in the summer months to lie under the stars and enjoy the sounds of the Philadelphia Orchestra and their famous guest artists.  But no, it had been many years, and our children, who we had taken to those events, are adults and they were now taking me to my first big concert in a long time.   That night, though, would not be the music of  Bach, Beethoven, or Strauss, it would be classical Simon, being sung by Simon.

He is an old guy, but for two hours he stood under those hot lights and sang the songs we love, and added a few new ones from his latest album, Stranger to Stranger.  His voice has not changed since I saw him over 30 years ago when he partnered with Art Garfunkle.   I enjoyed them all, but some touched me more because of the wonderful words that this most talented artist has written. The years have made me melancholy but I try not to live in the past, and that night I felt young and danced and sang and had a blast.  I felt that I had "Diamonds on the Soles of Her (my) Shoes and even if I sometimes like "The Sound of Silence", I can still shake my booty and have joy.  Koo-koo-ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson, Koo-koo-ka choo!

Stranger To Stranger

..........I'm just jittery, I'm just jittery
It's just a way of dealing with my joy
It's just a way of dealing with my joy
It's just a way of dealing with my joy
It's just a way of dealing

Words and melodies
Easy harmony
Old-time remedies.

So true.