Sunday, August 14, 2016

Outside In

Baby, it is hot, hot, hot, but I am doing OK.

The thermometer is reading 100F, the relative humidity is 93%, and it is not a good day to work or even sit outside.   Breathing becomes an issue and I have always thought that taking a breath consistently is good for my health.  I did go out yesterday to pick some tomatoes and fix some plants but when the shade moved, so did I.  It took me a good half hour to recover from my fifteen minutes in the backyard. So, unless it is a matter of great importance for me to move, I will be relaxing on the couch with a cold glass of ice tea in my hand and my sweet Daisy at my side, enjoying my deck garden in all its glory, from the cool, comfortable inside. How wonderful is air conditioning!

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

There are only 50 days left in summer.  I am not sure where this season went, but I am doing OK.

I used to be 5'4 1/2" tall. When asked now (especially by my doctor), I say "about 5'4".  If somebody measured me today, I am probably closer to 5'2".  My grandchildren used to be little, now we are eye to eye and they keep growing.  So is the circle of life.  I disappear a little at a time and the younger ones sprout as fast as a daisy and take over the garden.  Nature has its way in all things and no matter what man does through medical technology, the sands of time move on and everything changes.  However, the fountain of youth stays always in our hearts.

So, what to do, what to do.  I look for sneakers and shoes with a little lift.  I stretch my head to look forward and try not to look back. I stand as tall as possible with pride for what I have accomplished. I play happy music and sing along as loud as I can and sometimes hit those high notes. I dance when no one is looking and also when they are.  My clothes are colorful, and I don't care if the shades are too bright for my age. I want to be noticed.  

My surroundings have so much to do with my mood so I spend much too much money on plants.  I am a giant amongst my flowers.  I do not listen to the news so my head will not tilt low, and I make sure there are always cookies in the cupboard to turn my lips up into a smile. I can't change what Mother Nature and the world are doing, but I have to get through my day as best I can, so I never say no to sweet things and plant as many blooms as I can. This year especially.