Monday, September 21, 2015

From Whine to Wine

Summer went by too quickly, but I am doing OK.

Other than commenting on other people's blogs, I have not been around Blogger too much this season.  I have written several entries, but have never finished any because of one reason or another. I hope to continue with my writing but I really don't want to be on a schedule. I do hope, though, that the people that I have come to like and admire will still pop in and say hello even if my posts are sporadic.

At this point of the year, I usually write about what I did on my summer vacation.  I actually did a lot, but I really don't want to bore people with a slide show.  Oh, you really want to see, you really, really want to see, well since you asked, here is a quick run through.

Best picture ever of me. My legs never looked so good.

May was a dry month, but then the flood gates opened up and the planting season started off well.  We visited many nurseries deciding what flowers we would choose.   I, as usual, chose too many.  We celebrated the late spring nights on our deck, admiring our work in the yard and toasting to the moonlit sky.  I could go on but.....

Vacation time came and we started off with a trip to the vineyards of the Finger Lakes of New York State.  It rained, except for one day. We stayed in a castle that had spigots of free fine wine in its halls for people to drink. Our suite had a hot tub that I could get in, but not get out (picture omitted). Their restaurants were lovely and with the company of good, dear friends, we had a great time.  I could go on, but ......

10 year old granddaughter looking for a wave 

When we returned home, Hubby (renamed, The Retired Man) went out to California to visit our daughter and her family for two weeks.  He had a great time and I was so happy for that.  He drank fine California wine on the beach and I drank cheap wine on my patio, except when it rained, which it did plenty in Pennsylvania.  I could go on, but ......
A mule and carriage tour of Charleston

Two days after he returned, we took off for Charleston, SC with my youngest daughter and grandson. We love the city (been there three other times) and took in many of their interesting and fun sights. If it hadn't rained so much, we could have seen more. We met up with some very dear friends in the day and had some fine wine in a lovely restaurant named Cypress in the evening.  It was a very enjoyable day.  I could go on, but ......
A horse and carriage tour of Beaufort

Relaxing our time away on Harbor Island

The next morning we were off to our destination, Harbor Island, a private island that is a preserve for birds, alligators and turtles near Beaufort, (a gem of a city).  There we met up with another daughter, her husband and our grandchildren.  They stayed in a fantastic eight bedroom house/McMansion with another family.  We had rented a condo on the beach not too far from them.  We all got together everyday and enjoyed some fine wine in the evenings when the kids were otherwise occupied. We were glad that the decks and porches had an overhang because of all the rain. I could go on, but......

We returned home and worked on the gardens.  The flowers were enormous and beautiful and the  tomatoes were (are) large and plentiful because of the rain.  On Labor Day, we went to a local vineyard that has an annual festival at the end of the summer and drank semi-fine wine.  We had a wonderful time enjoying good music with the company of  very dear old friends. It did not rain.

I could go on, but ...... I already did.