Monday, July 17, 2017

What The World Needs Now Are More Puppies

The world is certifiably crazy but I am doing kind of OK.

Depression is on the rise but perhaps a puppy or kitten in every house would improve our mood. Nothing can make one smile more than looking into the eyes of these lovable creatures. Years ago, when I had stressful days at work, I would go to a local pet store to play with the animals that were allowed to roam around in the store (be careful where you step). Holding and cuddling a dog or cat changed my attitude and worked miracles. In today's frightening, strange, perplexing times, may I suggest that when listening or watching the news, you sit in the middle of a large litter of pooches and/or felines (the more the merrier to counter all the negative feelings), pour yourself a glass of fine wine, and just turn the volume to mute.  We have to carry on some way.

Daisy loving The Retired Man's hair.