Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Say It Ain't So

I "pansified" my gardens, and I am doing OK (today).

After the winter from hell (hell must have also frozen over), I could not wait to color my little world with flowers.  When the temperatures finally went up last week, and buds were seen on trees, I drove to a local nursery and over-purchased many pansy plants, probably too many. I desperately wanted spring to finally arrive and I needed to surround myself with new life.  What a glorious weekend we had with temperatures reaching up to the low 80's.  Friends were seen, dinners were eaten outside, and blossoms on the trees were more appreciated than ever before.  That horrid season was over, done with, gone, ended, finito. Winter was now just a bad memory.  Planning for the better days ahead was the conversation heard most.  Then, Sunday, a new weather report was issued and it included the words, "freezing temperatures and snow".  How could that be?  It is April, for goodness sakes. This morning I saw on the news that this was already happening to areas in the south and the poor, weather-plagued Midwest. Snow, hail, winds, slippery, dangerous roads were all brought up again, and our hearts sank with that prediction.  However, what I saw next gave me encouragement and hope.  This new arctic blast will only last two days and then it is smooth sailing ahead.  The sun will shine again, buds on the trees will continue to open, the colorful birds will nest and my pansies will survive this latest blast.  We all will survive!

You just have to have hope, high hopes.