Sunday, June 28, 2020

A Breather

The sun is out, the birds are chirping and I am OK.

I am not going to listen to any news today or even read any on the Internet. I have designated this day as an Arleen’s Escape From All the Crap Day.

It is summer and some might say it is hot (88 F) but it is not too humid. I am more than blessed to have a small screen room that keeps the sun off me and a lovely fan three feet away (socially distanced) from my face. On a day like this last year, I might have been visiting a local winery with family and/or friends to enjoy the ambience, the music and a lovely glass of Sangria.  Since I am too damn old and vulnerable  to be out and about during Covid time,  I made my own little retreat and followed the winery’s recipe using their peach wine,  a splash of Chardonnay, ice tea ( yes, ice tea) and then added some strawberries I found in the freezer.  I used a pretty stemless glass as they do.  I asked Alexa to play me some sweet music and she has picked out just the right songs for me to enjoy.  She knows me too well, but that is another story.  I can’t have what was, I have to deal with what is, but gees, I need a break and I am grateful for today. Maybe I should extend  it to Arleen’s Escape All The Crap Week.

Monday, June 15, 2020

I Don’t Know What To do Next

Confusing times, confusing minds, but I am OK- maybe

All great changes are preceded by chaos.”  Deepak Chapra

Blogger is going to change. Oh Lord, on top of all we have been dealing with, do I really need this? How much of a change will it be?  Should I check it out now and face the inevitable?  Will it be so different that it will bring more anxiety into my life? Am I so old that I am no longer open to change?  (I know that answer).  Will my whole post be in question marks?

Captivity In Covid times with My Retired Man and two indoor and three outdoor cats was difficult at first, but is now doable. We venture out to drive around and silently judge those sitting at outdoor restaurants who don’t seem to have a care in the world. We hate them. Our state is in the process of opening up, but the virus is still here and we are at risk people.  Everything is delivered to our house or we order and have a no-contact pickup.  Wiping packages with disinfectant wipes gives us something to do.  My wardrobe is very casual and doesn’t vary  between day and night. Long showers and baths are some of the best moments of the day. Social distancing occasions with family in my yard is more than a joy, they are everything.  I have adapted to this change, sort of.

My outside environment is different now also and I have learned new words, Derecho, Mesoscale Convective, and graupel. (Actually, graupel was from a storm of a few weeks ago).  Some of you might know what they are, but I didn’t until the weather people told us what caused the destruction in my neighborhood last week.  We will be paying people a lot of money to cut up the large parts of trees that fell on our property.  It is hard to look out and see all the broken trees,  but we are very fortunate that the 60+ foot trees didn’t fall on our house.  We will handle this  Many others weren’t so lucky.

We are all dealing with so many changes and these are such difficult times.  Some should have come long, long ago and others, well, no one could ever have been ready for what this virus has done to us all.  I live in a bleeding nation and it’s wounds are deep. On June 1st, a very dark day for democracy in the US, my heart was broken by what I heard and saw in my beloved country.   I went to bed thinking how could this be happening here. The next day I woke up and saw that the world was with us in support of what is just.  Bless you all. Our eyes all need to be opened and change MUST come.

I leave you hoping that I will have the whereabouts to figure out Blogger next month.  If I was only able to see my grandchildren, I know they could help me.  I am on my own but I will carry on, hoping more brain cells don’t pop.