Monday, August 11, 2014

The Key to Happiness

Our summer weather has been outstanding and I am doing OK.

There are millions of studies costing billions of dollars being done by people, reportedly experts, who research things that most times a person of ordinary intelligence can figure out just by living life.   Last week another one came out saying, "The formula for happiness is to have low expectations." They even took the time to show us a mathematical equation proving this.  I wanted to recreate it for this  post,  but it was difficult and they told me not to set my sights too high or I would be miserable.

I think that I am like so many people who are happier when we have great expectations, no matter how it may turn out.  Happiness and disappointments come and go, but the joy of possibilities is the greatest thrill of all. I wouldn't want to have missed out on any of them.

So said Christopher Columbus, Edmund Hillary, Leif Erickson, Marco Polo, Neil Armstrong and all those other not-famous people who followed their stars no matter how rough the course might have been.  To paraphrase a famous quote  - the journey teaches you more than the destination.

I will continue to find laughter in my disappointments because it is how I cope  and I will never give up my anticipation of joy, no matter what the PHD's say.