Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Be The Story

While I huffed and puffed, I got the freaking tree up and I am doing OK.

It has been hard lately to get up the energy to take in the spirit of the season. Even without all the fa-la-la, I did decorate the house, this time being very mindful of what is taken out of the Christmas boxes and put up will, in a short time, need to be taken down and put away. I have always found that dismantling is a lot more work, maybe because it has to be done in a shorter time.  Less is best needs to be my new mantra. The holiday colors are on display but in what I call a tasteful and not in an abundant way.  It suits me now and is far removed from the once "deck the halls (tables, windows, ceiling, etc. etc.)"  person I have been in the past.  It is time to scale back in so many ways and I am pretty sure I will do fine with the new plan.  Besides, now I have time to enjoy the little things and think about what pleases me without the anxiety of go-go-go.

One thing that I enjoy doing during this time of year is to look for good TRUE stories that show the generous spirit of our fellow human beings.  I have a favorite, however, it is not a Christmas story, but good people don't need a holiday to show kindness towards others.  This narrative was published in our local paper last August and is about a gentleman who opened a car wash along a country road and wanted to bring attention to his enterprise. Drivers often missed him because for five months a year, a corn field blocked their view.   He decided to plant some sunflowers in the hope that people would notice them and his business. People stopped and started remarking on the flowers' beauty and how they enjoyed the scene.  As the years passed, more and more sunflowers were planted and with the help of two local farmers, the field was flush in the brilliance of tall yellow heads that looked like big smiles.  "This is my gift to the community", Mr. Frey said. With all the sad things in today's world, I'd like to think of this plot of good earth as a place where people can come for serenity and peace."  There are thousands of sunflowers and people come not only to look but are invited to take some flowers with them.  A lady who was there told of taking some bouquets for her wedding and reception a few years ago and now she comes back with her child to relive the memory. It just took a few seeds to sow this joy into the hearts of many. 

Just a seed, or a cup of coffee for a stranger, or any simple thing can make someone happy or maybe even affect their day or life.  It makes us feel warm and fuzzy to read these good stories, but think how much better it would be if we were part of the story, if we were the one who initiated the kindness. I have always found that it is better to give than to receive.  Blessings don't necessarily come from above, they are often from the hearts of those who care and who reach out towards others. 

If I don't have a chance to write another post before the holidays, I want to wish you all peace, joy and serenity in the coming days.  May the season of hope bring you many smiles - just like a sunflower.