Sunday, June 21, 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015


Another gun day in America, and we are not OK

Our innocence was lost at Columbine; our hearts were broken in Sandy Hook; our faith was shattered in Charleston - and the beat goes on.

 When I look at the picture of that young man who did the most despicable act in that beautiful city in South Carolina, I wonder how such evil could come from such a boy of 21 years.  Where did he learn such hate and bigotry to want to destroy the lives of innocent people who took his hand to pray.  Where was his humanity?  Were there no parents or family to teach him kindness and love or was his soul blackened from the moment he was born?  I do not understand hate; I do not understand the violence we all face in today's supposedly civilized world; I do not understand that no matter how many times these awful acts happen in our country, there is only talk, but no action.

Father's Day is Sunday.  I do believe that this man learned to hate from someone.  What we teach our children can be passed down for generations.  If we can't stop the guns, maybe we can stop the hostile attitude that prevails, whether it is silent in our hearts or more open in our actions.  Times won't change unless we do.