Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It is Never Too Late to Become an Entrepreneur

Sharing my days with hubby and doing OK.

The Inspector (aka, Hubby) retired last week and, so far, things are going (sort of) fine.  It is day three and I have faith (and hope) things will continue this way for at least another week.   The actuarial tables, however, tell us that we can live this life of 24/7 togetherness for 25+ more years (which in retirement years, could feel like 50)  Hmmm, no one warned me about this before I said, "I do."  Trying to be positive, I  checked the Internet for some ideas on how we should deal with this new phase of life.  Articles suggested that other than the usual route of volunteering, watching grandchildren, going on cruises, or complaining about everything, it is also a good time to start a new career. Now, they say, may be the right time to try out that great idea you had but didn't do because of the responsibilities you had when you were younger.  Unfortunately, it might be too late to become a rap artist or acrobat.

The other day, I read in our local paper about an elderly gentleman who was living in an assisted living facility and was still able to become an entrepreneur even at his late stage of life. The rent at the home was subsidized by the county so he had some of his pension money left at the end of the month to invest in a business.  Somehow, he was able to leave the premises and walk to a local liquor store.  When he returned, he sold drinks to the other residents. With the profit, he hired prostitutes to visit and entertain him in his room.  Unfortunately, things came crashing down when one of his ladies was found hiding under his bed.   His new career came to a quick halt and he was asked to leave the home.  Apparently, he was not as disabled as they thought.  I am wondering what his third act will be.  Maybe he could start up his own hedge fund as he seems to like risky business. 

Well, at least he has his memories, or maybe not.