Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Fat Lady Has Not Sung

There are always surprises to be had, and that is OK.

Our lives are divided into sections: childhood, adulthood, career, possibly parenthood, maybe grandparent, and then, old as dirt. I have gone through them all and as I like to say, I am still standing. Each phase has brought its blessings, and what was difficult is often muffled with time.  Old brains tend to do that. There is nothing sweeter, though, that when you think something is over, and it isn’t.  I am going to have a new grandbaby tomorrow, a little girl named Scarlett Mara Rose. It is a wonderful surprise and my heart is so full. I have six terrific grandchildren, some of whom are in college and the others are not far behind.  I have tried to give them my presence, my time, my wisdom and all my love.  Now there will be a new life in mine, a new child to hold, a new love to have. She will not get all the years that I was able to give to the others so I will have to pack a lot of kisses into the time that I have with her.  

I have been doing a lot of crying lately over things that I cannot control, but now there is joy again, precious, wonderful joy!