Friday, June 30, 2017

He Likes Red, She Prefers White

But after 50 years together, she compromised with Rose`and it's all OK.

It has been a busy month.  My oldest granddaughter graduated from high school, my California family came to visit  and, oh yes, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.  That is half a century/600 months/2600 weeks/18,262.5 days (counting leap years).  Our wedding was our 30th date and we hardly knew each other (duh), but we had that racing heart thing (aka, passion) that goes with youth. We thought that was all we needed, and well, it sure helped to have that over the years.  We have had good times, bad times funny times, sad times and have done that sickness and health bit too often but we made a promise, we made a home, we made a family, and we made a life. We never gave up on each other and we never will. We have grown old and our hearing is fading but that has always been selective anyway. He complains a lot about perceived annoyances, and I mutter under my breath.  We say "huh" often and that ends the conversation and that's OK.  I keep a schedule and notes all around.  He does not want to be bothered with details and is glad I do.  My hands have lost their strength but he is always there to open my jars.  We are Yin and Yang and will never agree on some things but we usually do on the important things.  He gets his way more than I do, but I let him.  He knows how to make me smile and sometimes I need that.

A few weeks ago our children, sons'-in-law, daughter-in-law and grandchildren threw us a surprise party for our anniversary.  We had no idea. We went to our daughter's house for what we thought was a graduation party and upon entering the home, a large group of people screamed surprise and almost knocked us off our feet.  There were people who were local and some from far away.  I have never felt surrounded by so much love.  I had been going through some health issues but that day, I felt great.  There was a magnificent cake made by my son-in-law, pictures of us throughout the years decorating every table and even a video of us streaming on the TV. The food was more and better tasting than what we had on our wedding day, and the music and decorations sounded and looked professionally done. There was even a photographer there and a photo booth with costumes to entertain the guests.  I was so happy and I wanted that day to last a week. It was the most beautiful and generous gift that has ever been given to us.

I told them that they can do it all over again on our 75th.  Next time though, no surprises.

50 year later, he still stirs my heart.