Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Aah, Life

The blizzard of the century never came here, and I am doing OK.

There are different phases of life that we all pass through.  There is childhood,  followed by the joys and angst of coming of age, which leads us to an awakening with great expectations. Slowly, though, we creep into a sometimes begrudging acceptance, but this is replaced by a new awakening, and then back  to (a comfy) acceptance of most of the things that have annoyed us in the past. I have gone through them all with laughter and tears and have now arrived at a new stage of life.  Yes, I have entered my grunting years.

Recent examples:
Getting up from a sitting position. = 2 grunts.
Getting off the floor = 5 grunts (7 if the temperature is over 80 degrees F)
Sitting down after some activity  = 1 aah and 2 grunts
Sitting down in a deep chair = 3 grunts followed by a loud aah
Answering a question I answered 5 minutes ago  = one loud sigh and 2 grunts
Answering that question again  = 3 very loud grunts followed by feeling guilty
Opening a bottle or jar that now seems to be sealed with crazy glue = 6 grunts and some nasty words

The lowly grunt has its place and I have accepted it as part of my life.  It is good to still be heard.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


New year, old me, and I'm doing OK.
Marin Birds Salad Plate
I never tasted a Cronut, but I did imagine one in my mind.  It was yummy even there.

Quinoa is OK, and some recipes can make it quite tasty, but I hope it isn't part of my last meal.

My mother made me sit at the table until I ate my kale.  I would be there for hours because I could not get the dog to eat it.

Today, people take pictures of their food.  I have made food that has looked fantastic, but has tasted awful. A brussel sprouts casserole comes to mind.  My husband told me that the vegetable made even the bacon in it taste bad.  On the other hand, I have prepared some pretty good dishes that were not visionary masterpieces.

It is winter.  It is cold. There is snow on the ground.  I need to bake.  There will be sugar consumed.  It is not healthy.  Nobody lives forever.