Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It Has Been Awhile

I never really went away, I was just resting and am doing OK.

Things happen in life that makes you pause, so I did. 

Spring came, the rains fell, the flowers bloomed, the pollen spread, we all sneezed, and the world went on.  I will not talk of the bad, but will look ahead for hope and joy even if it sometimes eludes me for awhile.  I know it is there, it will just take more effort.

Most of my gardens are completed, although, I will fiddle with them and continue to move and replace plants until the first autumn leaf falls.  This year, for the first time, I had to ask and pay for help.  I realized that I could not shovel the eight yards of mulch by myself anymore.  It was hard to make that decision as I pride myself on being self-sufficient and able to "do it all".  However, being found slumped over a large mound of shredded wood is such an undignified way to go.  I still helped spread the mulch over the gardens and I had pride (and my breath) doing that.  I also learned the lesson of acceptance.

My children and grandchildren took me to Longwood Gardens  for Mother's Day.  What a wonderful day that was.  We walked and walked and saw such glorious sights. 

Earlier in the day

Later on
In a few weeks my California family will be visiting us so they can see what rain looks like.  With the terrible drought in the west, coming east to our lush, green Pennsylvania seems like the best choice for them and for us also.  I am hoping, though, that the sun will shine and there will be cool breezes and starry nights for us all to appreciate.  However, no matter what the weather brings, I know I will get my joy back when my daughter and her family arrive.
Thank you to those who inquired about me when I was absent from Blogland.  Your concern touched my heart.