Monday, November 30, 2020

Garage Santa

We made it thru the holiday and I am doing OK.

As difficult as this year has been, March did bring us a little miracle when we welcomed a new granddaughter into our lives.  We have not been able to see her as often as we wanted, not hold her and spoil her like we did with our others, or be the grandparents we were when we were younger.  We did do one thing, though, we grew old and our ages have made us fit perfectly into the role Mr and Mrs. Santa Claus. 

When my youngest daughter was four and a student in the nursery school where I taught,  she sat on Santa’s lap, not having any idea that it was her dad.  This year she asked us to recreate the scene with her eight month old daughter, Scarlet.  With the help of the Amazon elves and two day shipping, we transformed ourselves into the jolly old fella and his no name wife.  Because of the times, people can not come into our house, so the garage would have to do. I spent hours trying to convert walls covered in cords, shovels, and garden tools into a Christmas scene.  I was able to hide some debris with lighted trees, wrapping paper and decorations.  It turned out OK if you don’t look too closely. I greeted them in my lovely red dress adorned with white faux fur that shed everywhere I went and got a big smile from the baby and her mom and dad.  Then the moment came and Santa appeared with a big Ho Ho Ho. Her smile got even bigger.  Life sure can be sweet sometimes.

                             Santa and my daughter at 4 

Some years later, no longer needing a white wig or beard.  

I am reminded:

There are so many reasons to be grateful

There is still joy

Sometimes precious memories can have an encore 

Garages should be cleaned out annually

Monday, November 2, 2020

 Oy Vey

I am OK, I am OK, I am OK etc.

I wrote a nice, positive post last week with pretty pictures and all, or maybe it was the week before or the week before that.  I had almost completed it but I was looking for that perfect ending.  It didn't get done and now we are in November.  Yep, it is here.  Down to the wire. All hell breaks loose tomorrow and probably for the next week, if not months.   The only parts of my body that I can really feel are my stomach and my head. They are screaming, but my legs and arms are doing OK.  I am still upright.

I voted and turned in my ballot a few weeks ago, but now, because of all the attempts at voter suppression and lawsuits filed, I am not really sure if my vote, along with millions of others, will be counted.  I live in Pennsylvania, and it it a pivotal state to both parties.  We, along with Florida, feel the weight of the nation on us.  In this dark year of 2020, I fear that this too will have no perfect ending either. What has happened to our country; I could have never imagined this four years ago.

Hoping for the best though, because that is all I can do.