Sunday, September 24, 2017

Reaching Out to Strangers

It was a funky summer, but I am doing OK

A few years ago a little girl in a town nearby was stricken with cancer.  She was a beautiful, blond haired, blue-eyed child and she became a major story in the papers and on social media.  People wanted to help in any way they could and money and kindness poured in from generous donors to benefit and comfort this family.   There was not much hope that she would get better, but we all wanted for her to have more time.  Unfortunately, that was something that we could not give and she passed away within six months of her diagnosis.  We all mourned.  The family was grief-stricken and the dad, in his misery, yelled against God to the media.  Tables turned.  Some of the people wrote nasty things about him and demanded their money back.  They thought they were giving to a Christian family like themselves, and his words told them that he did not deserve any of it.  Most , though, heard his pain and held him and his family close and forever in their hearts.

This has been a month of many sorrows.  The hurricanes, the fires, and the earthquakes have tested us. We watched as people lost everything, including their lives and the lives of those they loved. It was wrenching to witness and it continues.  However, out of all this destruction and terror, humanity answered.  Thousands walked through waist-deep water to save others, they brought their own equipment from far away to assist those in need, and they carried old people, babies and animals to safety, regardless of their own well being.  They did not notice race, ask their religion or their political affiliation; they just wanted to do the right thing.  Caring about each other is natural and it is instinctive.  Why is there so much noise in this world about your God, my God, your race, my race, your country, my country, and all the other things that divide us.  We are all in this together and we need each other.  Hate and jealousy will always be with us, but we should not let them get the upper hand.

These are tough times and it is sometimes a fight to stay joyful, but I think of that man, in the midst of Harvey, carrying an elderly lady out of her flooded home and she holding tightly to him and staring into his face.  It was such a beautiful picture and gives me optimism that faith, hope, and charity will always be with us. 

Next post will be more upbeat, I just had to let those thoughts out tonight.