Thursday, August 13, 2015

No Phone Zone

The best days of summer are here, and I am doing OK.

It is warm and wonderful and the perfect time to enjoy an ice cream treat. On these lovely evenings, with the sun still high in the sky and the air being pleasant, there is nothing nicer than visiting the local dairy bar. The other day, after hours of trimming overgrown bushes, hubby and I decided that we deserved a reward, so off we went to our town's little piece of heaven.  There must have been about 40 gourmet flavors to choose from and we took a long time staring at the various selections before making our most difficult decision of the week.   As we sat outside on a picnic table devouring our luscious, frozen delicacies, we watched the steady stream of customers coming by with friends and family to also take advantage of the lovely August night. What I noticed was that this was a place where no one had their phones out.  Everybody was talking to each other face to face.  Children were laughing and playing rather than checking social media.  All it takes to really connect people is a cone of melting double dip ice cream.