Monday, August 3, 2020

Wouldn’t You Love to Fly.

Hot as Hades here, but I am doing OK.

We had a lovely surprise last evening.  Three colorful hot air balloons went over our house.  I could hear the whoosh and looked up and there in the clearing of my woods (which was made so by the wind storm that broke and brought down many trees a month or so ago), I saw this beautiful sight,

I wouldn’t have seen it through the 60’ to 100’ trees before and so as sad as I was to see and pay for all that destruction,  the thrill of  having a view of  the balloons made up for it.  Well somewhat.  Two more came and I thought there was a chance that one would land on the fields across from me.  It wasn’t to be and off they went to possibly the golf course about three or four miles away.

Many years ago, My Pre-Retired Man and I took a sunset balloon ride.  We hopped into the basket and up, up, up we went and then stopped still. We waited and looked out at our friends and family directly below who kept waving and cheering us on for 25 minutes. There wasn’t a breeze in the air.  Our ride was scheduled for half an hour and we were running out of time and hope.  The pilot, or Aeronaut, as they are called, started the descent to the ground to the exact spot we had taken off and we thought all hope was lost for having our adventure.  Half way down, a whiff of air came and we moved a few hundred yards.  Then a larger one came and off we went for about a mile or two.   We glided thru the air and it was glorious for a few minutes.  Our allotted time was up and a landing was spotted at a school playground. Unfortunately, the driver miscalculated a little and we tore thru some tall trees before making a landing.  No harm done, we just ducked. Getting out of the basket was not as graceful as getting in and I am glad those photos can no longer be found.  Our entourage had followed us in their cars and after I got up off the grass, we all celebrated with some cheap Champagne in paper cups.  I often use this story as a metaphor for my life.   I have been given some nice opportunities, but I have never really gotten far, and that’s OK.  The ride has been bumpy at times and will never be long enough. The highs have taken me to wonderful places and given me precious memories.  Ducking has saved me numerous times. When the landing comes, though, I hope for some better Champagne, served in a lovely crystal flute. I am not going out without a party.