Thursday, September 29, 2016

Breaking News

Times are tough all over, but I am doing OK.

After a long hot summer with few clouds and less rain, moisture is coming our way.  It is a grey day, but I don't mind because my brown lawn is about to get a long needed shower.  The weather people are besides themselves talking about it and warning us of impending doom. They are not only pointing to areas that might be affected, they are swaying their arms all over the map to let us know, in Armageddon terms,  that dark days are coming.  This is not a hurricane, nor even a tropical storm, it is what used to be called before "BREAKING NEWS", just rain.  The hype they put us through every day is causing no small amount of anxiety among the population and this just adds to the deep depression and fear that many of us are experiencing over this election from hell.

The rain will come and the earth will be nourished.  The leaves will fall so the trees can sleep.  We will enjoy the color and take breathtaking pictures of nature. This election time will end - hopefully in the right way.  If it doesn't, somehow, we will endure and hope for the best. None of this is BREAKING NEWS,  it is life.

Just in case the doomsayers are right, though, be careful out there.