Thursday, March 18, 2021

Long Time, No Write

 Getting through these days, and  I am doing OK.

I haven’t disappeared, I am just in the shadows.  Blogger has not been kind and has caused me all kinds of aggravation and frustration these past few months.  Being part of the “older than dirt”generation, frustration is the last thing that I (or anybody else) need now, and throwing in the towel has been considered. My problems started when I was not allowed into a few blogs because a new security app that was installed deemed them “Red Alert”, Do Not Open. I contacted the company and after investigation, the red alert was removed and I could read those blogs.  However, my problems continued, although this time it had to do with sending comments. Now, after reading posts and writing a comment, the comment disappears and a “Whoops, Sorry, Try Again” page appears.  At first, I did try again and again but kept getting that message.  I followed their instructions to no avail.  Now, some comments do publish every now and then and if I power down and reboot hours later, I can get a few more to publish.  I feel bad about not responding to all your posts.  I read them every day but until I can get help from someone technically smarter than me to fix my problem, I do not know what to do.  My feeling is that a new iPad will probably have to be in my future.

On a positive note, My Retired Man and I are fully inoculated from Covid and we are past the two week wait period.  I know that we will still have to be careful and wear our masks in public because of variants, but in the past week we ate at two, not crowded, outdoor restaurants.  I can’t remember what we had to eat, but that wasn’t the point. A few days later I got to hug my grandson on his 21st birthday and yesterday I picked up my one year old granddaughter and held her tightly.  A hug is worth a million dollars to me, so that makes me a very rich woman.

Fingers crossed that this post gets published.