Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy Amazoning

I considered getting an ugly Christmas sweater, but I didn’t, and that’s OK.

I am not a traditionalist as I have always preferred my own ideas.  I do stick with the fundamentals, but just because someone from years ago thought it right to eat this or that over the holidays or put tinsel on a tree, does not mean that I should.   I have changed things around over the years and my family has gone along with it - mostly. The tree decorated with pink raffia, though, tested them.  However,  I am slowing down and that vast pool of ideas that I used to have has dissipated and easy (boring) is now my only choice.  I got the tree up, but not to my satisfaction. I thought of redoing it, but I decided to get over that. My list of presents to get everyone was so ho hum, and nothing special.  It bothered me, but I got over it. Some decorations are showing their age and should be replaced, but I look the other way, and got over it.  What we all are going to eat has not really been planned but I do have a number of take out brochures and Costco is close by, so I have a default.  It will all work out and if not, they will all get over it.  The good thing for everybody (and me) is that one of my daughters is in charge of Christmas dinner.

All the above are the trivial things that I stress about.  I cannot say that they are unimportant, but they are not my main focus.  My California family will be arriving on Saturday; my college age grandchildren will be coming home for a few weeks, and my sisters will be visiting. I am so looking forward to lots of hugging.  Love is what matters and laughter and memories shared is a priceless gift.  I am blessed, and I don't take it for granted.

However you spend the holidays, traditional or not, I hope that you have and receive joy.  I know how holidays can be very difficult for many, and I send you my love.  I am not a person of prayer, but I am of hope and heart, and you all have a special place in mine.  If you have the opportunity, reach out to others because, as we all know, the giving of your time is greatest gift of all.

Be kind to yourself and and remember you don’t have to drink that eggnog, eat the green mushy casserole or the fish with it's head still attached unless you like that tradition.

Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year.