Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Nobel Peace Prize

Still winter. It snows, then is hot, then snows, then is hot (kind of like a menopausal woman), but I am doing OK.

In this year of terrible events, terrible news, and terrible politics, I was wondering how they would find someone worthy of  The Nobel Peace Prize.  As anyone can nominate or be nominated, I would like to submit a candidate for their consideration. This is a time when many of us feel squeezed out of the American Dream, when we are pulling our belts tighter and the scales seem not to tilt in the right direction. However, in the past few years, there has been an amazing breakthrough in the sciences that has given us a product that has made the world a much better place to live in and relax.  At this time I would like to propose to the committee that they consider the people and the company that has given women great comfort and joy.  Yes, I am talking about those geniuses who brought us Active Wear.   These magical outfits hug your waist and hips without accenting the overflow; they stretch; 10 lbs. seem to miraculously evaporate from the body, and there are no buttons to stick into ones navel. There also isn't an annoying zipper that may cause someone to have to recline in order to pull it up  This clothing is truly the masterpiece of the fashion world. No longer do women have to suffer through muffin tops or rolls that appear to be larger when putting on their pants and oh, how nice it is to enjoy a good meal without opening the top button of your trousers.  Even though they are called "Active" there is not a need to be active in them.  You don't have to promise yourself to run a marathon or even walk around the block.  They look very nice as you stretch out in your reclining chair while eating Bon Bons.  They come in many styles and there is something for everyone.  I prefer black with the boot or flare bottoms but I have also gotten the straight cut.  I am a little too old for the leggings, but those do look attractive (If not in a pattern of large flowers) on the right person.  There is no place that these cannot be worn.  They are perfect in the morning as you jog from the kitchen table to your couch and they are lovely to shop in as they are easy off, easy on. In the evening, with a matching top and some pearls and/or a boa, you will look stunning in the finest of restaurants. The best thing, though, is that  they are the perfect pajamas.  Twenty-four hour clothing - what we have all dreamed of having.  Men do have the option to buy them also, but so far I have only seen them on bike riders, however, they usually have padding in the rear. I have to admit that I love to watch them when they ride by.  An active man is a beautiful sight to behold.

So join with me to get those stuffed shirts who are on committees to look beyond the wars fought by men and consider the comfort and satisfaction of women around the world who have too long been bound by some type of corset or control top pantyhose and now have the pleasure of living free and looking good.

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Kettle

Thankfully, life goes on, and I am doing OK.

Everything changes, but now, it is going too quickly.  I can't keep up. I have come to the point where I think, "why learn", it will be different tomorrow.  I used to be excited about the next big thing, what was new, and the joy of mastering a new skill. There used to be time to learn and to take things in. There was satisfaction in mastering a new concept, and thinking that knowledge would take me to the next step.  Now there is no time, and I don't climb steps as easily now.  More than ten stairs leaves me breathless.

Product DetailsI was thinking of a tea kettle today.  For most of my life, there was always a kettle on the stove.  The sound of that whistle brings me back to my beginnings.  All things started with that - the tea, the dinner,  the sitting down together to talk, to laugh and to cry. I have not had a kettle since we moved into this house 13 years ago. I boil the water for my Earl Grey in the microwave, and now that we are only two, less boiled water is needed.  We eat out a lot; I like to cook, but The Retired Man does not like the fuss (or my mess). I hate that big contraption called the Keurig that is taking space up in my kitchen.  I don't drink coffee and the tea pod does not make my drink of choice, my choice.  I could have hot chocolate, but I rather make it in a pot with real chocolate and not something compressed. I miss the whistle of my kettle, I miss simplicity, I miss, I miss...

I am going to buy a kettle this week - if they still sell them.  I need to have something simple and real.  I want to hear the whistle again. It is a sound that will give me joy, at least for the first few seconds.