Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Still Got It (sometimes)

Good things still happen, and I am doing OK.

I mind being old but I am grateful for being able to grow older.   There are many times when I can't believe that I am the age that defines me, but there are also times when the crappiness that comes with that age slaps me in the face.  I try to go with the flow as best I can, but frustration often over-comes me.

Last week, though, I had a moment that blew some of those years away.  While at my volunteer job, I was enjoying a conversation with a female client when one of the staff came by and complimented me on my outfit, especially my new boots.  Being noticed is definitely a plus, but being complimented, lifted my spirits tremendously.  The woman who I was speaking to previously said that she also liked how I dressed and that I was "fly".  "Fly", my gosh, I am fly!  How wonderful is that.  Of course, I did not know exactly what this term meant, but as I said, I go with the flow, and figured that it was this generation's word for cool.  I could not wait to tell The Retired Man when I got home, but he was clueless as to whether it was a compliment or not.  I then told my children who all laughed but told me my boots were, indeed, very nice. Today, I told my granddaughter, Ruby.  She smiled, and said, "You sure are, Mamama." Ruby's place in my will just moved up.

I might not be able to flit around like I did before, but I sure do like being fly - even if my wings are arthritic.