Monday, February 27, 2012

A Day in Hades

Winter is almost gone, although it never really arrived, and I am doing OK

Woman Hurrying with a Shopping Cart clipart
I do not usually do the food shopping.  When we were first married, we used to do this outing together, but then I kept having babies, so hubby took over that chore.  He loves doing it, I hate it and so this worked out perfectly for both of us.  Now and then I will run to the store to get a limited number of items that I have written on a list and only enjoy it if the store is small and  running the aisles does not take up a great deal of time.  Hubby can be gone for up to three hours and will go from store to store looking for simple items.  He looks over each purchase, checking dates, prices and flaws.  He does all the right things; I don't.  I want to get in and get out.  However, when I shop, we actually have the makings for a meal; when hubby shops, we have cartons of paper towels, plastic bags, and the latest new blue food.  "New, blue, and improved" is his mantra.  This is one of the reasons we eat out quite a bit.

Couple With A Shopping Cart clipartLast week we couple-shopped at one of the largest grocery stores known to man.  It is called Wegman's and is a heaven for foodies with time on their hands. These stores can have 140,000 square feet with aisles going here, there and everywhere.  The store is packed with over 70,000 food and non-food products, large masses of people with giant grocery carts and what seems like more employees than the federal government.  Many of the departments were giving out samples that day  and hubby was on a master-quest not to miss any of them.  We must have sampled 4 or 5 soups, tasted all types of imported and local cheese, had my arm twisted to try a decadent dessert, and finished up with some beer. During all of this, I managed to pick out some things to buy, but hubby took each item out of the basket to check over and give his seal of approval. Consequently, most of what I had put in the basket went back on the shelf.  I was getting heartburn from not only the food that I had consumed on the run, but from the anxiety of shopping together in a store that was out of my element.   It is not that I did not appreciate all the variety, but the crowds, the expanse of the store, the time wasted looking for items that always seemed to be on the other side (which was like a mile down the road), but mostly it was the shopping-togetherness that was causing heart palpitations - big time.  After two and a half hours we made it outside with our four or five little bags of cheese and ingredients to make tomato-basil soup. Before we left, hubby did suggest that we stop at Wegman's restaurant for more to eat and maybe a glass of fine wine.  He had no idea that I was not having fun.  How could he have missed my crazed eyes, my quivering chin and my body language of angst, pure angst.  A glass of wine, no way, I needed the whole bottle after a trip like that. 
Black and White Cartoon of a Horrified Woman clipart
I had to get a physical checkup a few weeks ago before I underwent a small procedure last week. My sweet old doctor asked me how I was doing in my retirement.  After I told him that things were improving, he left me with some sage advice for long-term couples.  He reminded me of the marriage vow, "in sickness and in health", then he added the line, "but never lunch."  To expand upon that, I would include "and never shop together at Wegman's unless you want till death do you part to come sooner.

I think next time we should try four-aisle Trader Joe's. It's all about baby steps.  Maybe then we can work our way up to a 6 aisle Whole Foods in a year or so.

Yes, baby steps, that's the ticket!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Feathernest Soiree (The Virtual Party of the Year)

I have arrived at the ball , and am doing marvelous.

Delores was so kind to invite me to Gary's 5th year anniversary blog party.  I wasn't sure if I would get an invitation due to a little indiscretion that happened at the Willow Ball last year, however, all seems to be forgiven.  This time though, I decided to tone it down and just wear a little black dress with a few accessories.  So what do you think?

Black Swan Adult Costume

My date had to cancel at the last minute (do you know anything about that Delores?), but it is probably for the best, as this allows me to keep my options open. There are some mighty fine looking celebrities here and oh my, is that George Clooney over there?  It looks like he has been into the bubbly somewhat, so this may be the perfect time to introduce myself. 

Well, that didn't turn out too well, Susan Kane seems to have gotten his attention.  That brazen red dress she is wearing seems to have captured his eye.  I wonder what her granddaughter Sunshine would think of her flaunting herself like that.  Wait a minute though, that is not George, that is Susan's husband.   Lucky lady.

I am looking for Laura but she hasn't seemed to arrive yet.  I hear she is being accompanied by her beau, the singer/songwriter/producer Greg Lake. She possibly wants to keep him all to herself and has found a quiet little corner where they can (ahem) converse.

I have to thank my hostess (with the mostest) for having this party.  She certainly has outdone herself.  The food and cocktails were divine and the entertainment was perfect.  Buddy Rich was so lifelike after being dead for 25 years. He really rocked the house.

It is time to leave now as the hiccups have started.  Oh, I do love my champagne!  I want to take a  moment though to wish Gary all the best and hope others will check out his blog. It is thought provoking and very well written.  Cheers!

Off  I go!   Because Steppenwolf was unavailable, Paul Mc Cartney will be driving me home.  I promise, Delores, that I will send him right back - wink, wink.


Ta Ta


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting a Prize

Trying to catch up, and doing OK

Jumping for joy!

Years ago, when I thought about what I would do at this phase of my life, I could not have ever imagined that I would be writing a blog and through it, meeting so many interesting, talented people from all parts of the world.  It certainly has enriched my life and I can't thank those enough who have taken the time to read my posts and even commented on occasion.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love

Been very busy lately, but doing OK

An awe moment:

Doesn't that make you feel good?

I do hope they were trained and released to the wild (where they belong) later on. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

I Got My Love to Keep Me Warm, or Is That a Hot Flash.

A day of romance and I am doing OK.

Forty-Four years ago I got myself a man.   He is now somewhat  paunchy around the middle and his feet maybe flat, but he still has that certain something. Not quite sure what that something is so I'll stick around a little longer to try to figure it out.

Oh yeah!!

Happy Valentine's Day.  There are no calories in chocolate today!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Keeping Secrets

Really annoyed but doing OK
Illustration of Cartoon Book Character with Money clipart

This past week, an almost 70 year old woman has been hawking a book about her 18 month affair  with the late President Kennedy while she was a 19 year old intern at the White House.  We all know of the many dalliances of this flawed human being, and you can fill a wing of a library with what has been written about him, his beautiful wife and the things that went on before and during his presidency.   Regardless of how you feel about this man though, isn't enough, enough.  I don't care about one more woman who bedded him. His reputation as a ladies man has been out there for over fifty years, so what else is new?  This lady (?) though, apparently tells all the lurid details, not leaving out any of the salacious acts that she claims to have done with the president and his aide.  She said she had kept this secret for 50 years and writing this book gave her a voice.  It is not a voice I need to hear. She used the word "mortify" as she described her feelings about one particular incident in her book.  How could she not be mortified in writing about it though.  In telling her secret, she will make loads of money, she will be a celebrity for about 15 minutes and then she will go away. She is just a less than minor blip in the news. The Kennedys will get over it as they have gotten over so much more in their lives  However, this author's family will know her differently, and I can't imagine that they are all proud. 

If they serve no good purpose and can possibly hurt innocent people, some secrets should go to the grave with us.  Our good name is all we have and to sell it for 30 pieces of silver, seems so repugnant. We should want to leave this world with class, not crass.

Every now and then I feel the need to get on a soapbox. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Been an eventful few days, but I am doing OK

Cat and Dog Heimlich Maneuver

Choking on food is never a pleasant experience; choking on food in a public place is even less.  There is nothing like ruining an evening though by dying with your head on the plate. 

On Saturday night hubby had a little incident.  Along with two friends, we went to a local restaurant to get a bite to eat, (emphasis on bite).  The evening was going along nicely when I heard what I thought was a growl coming from the right of me.  I looked over and my other half's eyes were bulging out of his head and he was gasping for air.  I jumped up quickly and tried to help him but I was not sure what to do.  I looked around and quietly, in a non-panicked voice,  said "help, help" to nearby diners. People came over to assist.  The man at the next table knew the Heimlich maneuver  and he pressed his arms under hubby's ribcage.  After a minute or so, hubby was relieved of the offending piece of beef.  We thanked the kind stranger for his help, hubby sat down again and went back to eating, chewing more carefully this time. 

That is how I saw the situation.

What might have also happened is this:
Hubby started choking.  I jumped up with this look of fear in my eyes that one might witness in a horror film. I yelled out, "HELP,  HELP" in a voice that could be heard by anyone within a mile radius. The veins in my head were popping out and I was forgetting to breathe.  The man at the next table knew the Heimlich maneuver, and he pressed his arms under hubby's ribcage.  Hubby, who could still talk, kept saying, "lower, lower" as he gasped and then out popped the chunk of cow.  Other people who surrounded us said "help her, get her to sit down.  Arms went around me as they asked me how I was and I might have heard people talking about calling 911.  When the commotion was over, we thanked the kind stranger,  hubby went back to eating, chewing more carefully this time. 

Two different scenarios.  The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

We both may have made spectacles of ourselves that evening, so we might not go back to that restaurant for awhile.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Hugger Wugger

Feeling warm and cozy all over and doing OK.

Cartoon, courtesy of Care2

I missed it.  January 21st was National Hugging Day.  Lordy, Lordy, what was on my mind that day not to observe something that important. 

I do love to hug.  It is a wonderful feeling to give one and an even better one to receive.  I am not talking about a quick, hands on the shoulder, pat on the back; I am speaking of an all engrossing, "you are important to me" squeezeroo.  Umm, umm, good stuff.  

We have a friend who, we all agree, is the best hugger around.  He smiles not only with his face, but with his whole body.   When he reaches his big arms out to hug you, you know you have been touched by the master.

Being a grandmother, I can tell you that the hugs you get from your grandchildren are the best you will ever have.  Little children do not know how to hold back, they are honest with their feelings and they love you with all their heart.  Of course, the fact that you give them cookies and candy and let them stay up later than their parents helps that love along. 

I found this You Tube video showing a really big hug..   This is an Aww moment.

Now that definitely was a real hugger-wugger.
However, I am sure the man might have needed some Bengay the next day.
Have a good hug this weekend!