Monday, February 24, 2014

Flying into the Sun


When spring comes, I will be OK

Some of the blogs I have read today have to do with people seeing the birds coming back to their area. Two of my favorite writers, Cro,of Magnon's Meanderings and Joanne, of Cup on the Bus wrote about their sightings of Cranes and Blue Herons.  Any sign of the promise of the coming spring brings great joy to us who have been beaten up with the storms and solitude of this wretched winter.

Due to the oversupply of bird feeders in my yard, we have become "destination point" for many species of the northeastern American continent.  One lovely thing about the snow (yes, I said lovely) is that it is a wonderful backdrop for the colors that these birds bring.  We have hundreds of Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Red-Winged Black Birds and I am always in awe of the beauty that these creatures add to the landscape.

In December of 2012, I was awakened by my husband in the morning and told to look out the window.  Sitting in the tree closest to my house sat Turkey Vultures that appeared to be looking in my window contemplating dinner.  That was not exactly a happy greeting to start the day.   I wrote about it in a post then and included was this picture.


Not an encouraging sight.

This year, though,  they have been replaced by more pleasant looking Pheasants.  Yes, we do see them in many of the fields and farms in my area, but never have I spotted them in my yard.  First we saw the rooster.

and if you have noticed my header picture, you will see his hens in the background.

He walked among the brush towards the creek which flows through our wooded area.  The ladies stuck together, I supposed discussing the merits or not of their chosen one. 

I tried to follow them with my camera, but once deeper in the trees and the bushes, their color was morphed into the background. 

Hopefully the scenes from my backyard will change soon and instead of the above, I will look out to this.

Looking forward to a season change and the sight of many Goldfinches.

Right now, though, I wish I was surrounded by Flamingos and sipping a yummy tropical drink.

Friday, February 14, 2014

All You Need Is Love

So much snow, so much anxiety, but all in all, I am doing OK.

When I was young, I was a hopeless romantic.

I am no longer that starry-eyed idealist, but I am still sentimental. However, marriage is not easy and everyone has had their good and bad times.  Hormones take the place of thinking in early love, and after 46 years together, mine have gone the way of my high heels (which are in the back of my closet covered with dust).  But hey, I can still be wooed by chocolates, as nothing says love like  good candy.  My sweet tooth is still intact.

I told hubby to forget the flowers this year and because of the icy roads, we will forgo a dinner out. I have a frozen pizza in the fridge and that sounds just fine to me.  However, we will exchange funny cards and have a good laugh.  We will enjoy some fine wine, share a bag of M&Ms and then he will fall asleep in his old man's chair and I on the couch.  It is just comfy that way. 

There is a lot to be said for "comfy"

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

To Keurig or not to Keurig

Digging out from the snow most days lately, but I am doing OK.

I love the smell of coffee, but have never enjoyed its  taste.  I learned at an early age how to perk a good pot for my parents, but after tasting it, I decided to stick to milk.  My mom also had a rule that children should not drink this caffeinated drink until they were of a certain age, and it was always assumed it was when we moved out of the house.  Being Irish Americans, we were allowed to drink decaf tea when we reached 12, and that has been my drink of choice since then.

Hubby also does not drink coffee, although in the past few years he does have a cup at work when he gets there in the morning.  We have happily gotten along without a coffee pot taking over precious space on our counter top for 46 years.  However, when our children left home, three of them went to the caffeine well and became junkies. I broke down and bought a small coffee maker that I keep on a shelf in the basement, only to be taken out during the holidays.  Any other time the unwritten rule is, if you want it, bring it with you.

Then Keurig became the next big thing and everybody had to have one.  I just dismissed it when friends showed me theirs and gushed over it ad nauseam.  "See, Arleen, it makes tea also" they would say.  With my old lady attitude, I would say, "I've got a kettle for that."   Eyebrows would raise and they would walk away probably talking about what an old fart I was.

In November, hubby made a quick run to the store to get some butter and came home with a large box.  He had this guilty smile on his face and presented me with a Keurig.   I sent him for butter and he came home with a big, expensive coffee maker.  I was not happy and the shock on my face when he told me how much it cost turned his smile into a frown.  He gave me all his reasons for buying it ( it was on sale) and because I felt somewhat bad about my negative reaction, I relented.  He placed it on the counter and set about making some fancy brew.  

He is happy, my family is happy and they are all wired happily together.  Things could be worse.

Maybe, when no one is looking, I will make myself some hot chocolate on that machine - but I will never tell.