Monday, November 24, 2014

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and Me

Holidays are almost here, and I have slowed down but I am doing OK.

I used to pride myself on being disciplined and no matter what the odds, you could count on me to get things done. Now, it is not so much.  I need more time to accomplish tasks and in this maƱana time of my life, timetables are never thought about and I often get distracted doing the simplest of things. The "I have to do", list has become "I'll get to that another time".  I have lost my focus and my need to "ACCOMPLISH".  Getting from A to B usually has me stopping often and checking out other things that catch my fancy.  Last week, while cleaning out items in my basement to make room for outside furniture, I found myself, instead, looking through old photo albums and reading journals that had been packed away.   The chairs I planned to bring in are still outside.  This week I have company coming and there is much to do. I have good intentions and I know that all the important items, like Thanksgiving dinner, will get done (fingers crossed).  Other things will be attempted, probably done or possibly not, but I will be forgiven.  They all know that the old grey mare ain't what she used to be and they will be OK with that. Others will bring the desserts, so if the turkey isn't quite finished, we can live on pumpkin pie and fine wine.


It isn't always easy to get to the finish line. 

This video is not in English, but dogs speak all languages with their eyes and their tails.