Monday, March 24, 2014

Are Your Socks Too Tight?

The date says spring, the snow to come says differently, but I am doing OK

I have read quite a few books about the Kennedys and one of the things that impressed me was how the family would sit down to a meal and discuss what was going on in the world and how each person could make it better.   Everybody was encouraged to be part of the conversation, including the youngest child. 

When the stars align in the right way, we also like to sit down to a family meal.  It is not always easy as life is busy and the grandchildren's activities are varied and many.  However, recently most of us were able to get together for my daughter's birthday.  Our conversations were not as cerebral as the Kennedy's, but we touched on subjects that seemed important to us; like how does one wear their socks.   For the past few years, my granddaughters have worn different patterned socks on each foot. We all agreed that was a bold statement about being individuals and we praised them for having their own style. Listening to all this, I never thought that "my" sock habit would come under scrutiny, but then I saw my daughters glance down to my shoeless feet.  A look of horror and disgust came over their faces. What great fashion faux pas had I committed now.?  My socks matched; they were clean; there were no holes.  They were warm and comfy and I thought acceptable in the presence of company.  However, it was not the socks that brought criticism, it is how I wear my socks" that seems to be their concern.  I wear them loose at the toes and to their reproaching eyes, it is not acceptable.  Who knew?  I turn my toes up, I like to stretch out; I like wiggle room; I want my toes to live free.  Apparently, this is "gnarly". I listened to their objections, pulled them tight, and they all breathed a sigh of relief.   So now, after this deep conversation, I realize that when my children tell me they are coming over, I should pull my socks tight, or they might be making one of  those 
"What's going on with mom?" calls.

I never thought that my socks would give me away.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Art of Being Busy

Snow is finally melting and I am doing OK.

My life used to be extremely busy, but I didn't notice because that was just the way it was.  The treadmill of my life was constantly on.  There was always something I had to do, someone that I had to assist, and places I had to be.  Then I retired to do with time as I wanted and I did not do well for quite awhile.  I have slowly adjusted and accepted life as it is because that just is the way that it is.  I do socialize quite a bit as I am very fortunate to have good friends and a wonderful family   I also found a volunteer job where I am needed but it is only for a day a week which leaves 6 other days to fill with busy work. That is easy to do in the spring and summer as there is much outside that I enjoy doing or visiting.  The winter, though, does drag on. Last week I found myself washing my walls.  I started by wiping a spot by an electrical outlet,  but then I noticed more that needed my attention and three hours later I had completely cleaned most of the walls on one floor of my home.  Yes, I know what you are thinking.  "Arleen has gone over the edge."  You may be right.   "Busy work" is not fun and not satisfying and Lordy, Lordy, I should be able to think of more interesting things to do with my time.  However, looking at a You Tube the other day, I realized that there are so many other people out there who also seem to have time on their hands.

Washing a wall gives you a clean wall, but who cares.  Making people laugh by doing silly things is much more productive.  

Next week I may start training my cats to do something funny and maybe will enlist hubby. I'll see what they do with an aluminium foil ball. Video to follow.