Monday, January 11, 2016

I Have Become One of "Those People"


I've been sharing my home with someone new and I am doing OK.

I had no intention of doing this and when opportunities came my way, I ruled it out.  Oh sure, there were temptations and I admit that I am attracted to those with blue eyes, but I am older now and really did not need any more complications in my life.  However, it was love at first sight and it hit me hard.  

She arrived on my front porch on a rainy night.  She was not alone, her five siblings  accompanied her. Although it was dark, I could see they were very young and my heart went out to them all.  Then their mother appeared (the neighborhood free spirit) and took them into the small house we keep on the side yard.

The next morning I paid a visit to the house and removed the roof.  There were six adorable  kittens all looking up at me.  I took one in my hands and before I knew it, she found her way into my home and heart.  She was no more than four or five weeks old and needed to be bottle fed for a few weeks longer.  The bond grew stronger.  I was able to collect all the others and gave them to a lady who fosters kittens and cats.  All were adopted within two weeks.

That was six months ago and although my family has some challenges now (don't we all), this little fur ball has given us much joy.  Daisy came into our lives just when we needed her.  In the beginning, she wore us out with her playfulness but now things have settled down a bit, and although still kittenish, she has become the most loving and affectionate pet we have ever had.

I have become one of those women now, you know, the typical cat lady, who shows you pictures of their pets at the smallest suggestion.  I accept that, as I admit that I can talk about her endlessly and I can't believe that I waited so long to write about her.  We do have another cat, Wheezy, who is not very happy with the new addition, but we try to give her the needed attention also.  She, being 11, though, would rather be left alone most of the time.

My new baby

Daisy has grown in more ways than one and now sports a very large mane and a very full fluffy coat.  She is also overweight and the vet has put her on a diet.  We over-loved her with too much food and now must cut back. This will be difficult for all of us. 

Three months after we brought Daisy into our home, her mom, Big Bucks, made another delivery.


This time there were five.

All of these beauties were adopted within four days and we finally caught Momma.  She is now out of the kitten business and so are we.  Halleluyah and meow!