Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Retirement - The Caveman

No jury duty and doing OK

Thinking process for a Weiner.

Caricature of a Caveman - Royalty Free Clipart Picture

I have a theory that if it weren't for women, men would happily walk around naked and still chew on bones.  All we have to do is look to our elected politicians to see that.  

I have never been a prude and am quite liberal in my thinking, however, I do have a certain prejudice against stupidity.  Is there a rehab that they can go to for being a nincompoop? Maybe a drug company can market a pill and advertise it for NCPP syndrom or WAJ (what a jerk).

 Nuff said!


  1. Are we the ones who have put all the restrictions of "civlization" upon ourselves?

  2. Looks that way. What woman politician would ever think of tweeting pictures of their genitals - won't ever happen.

  3. Hello Arleen:
    Well, now you have been reprieved you will have to consider other ways to 'spice up your life'....bungee jumping, scuba diving, free fall parachuting, potholing, lion taming, mountaineering......anything take your fancy?

  4. Hi Jane and Lance,

    As I have raised four children, lion taming might suit me best. Free fall parachuting - I have done that already; I call it life.


  5. Men create all the "pills" for themselves for everthing....except one that would really matter..quit being such jerks....Arnold...the Weiner....Edwards....Tiger....must I go said above women would NEVER tweet any body parts...please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. To be fair, there are women who do tweet their body parts, but none that I have ever heard of in politics. One could not imagine Hillary, Elizabeth Edwards, Maria Shriver, or any of the other "good wives" embarrassing their families like that.