Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quiet Day

Mellow Yellow.
Rainy Season Scraps, Graphics and commentsGrabbed myself a nice cup of tea, and am doing OK.

It's raining out today. Inside, the grandchildren and their parents are busy playing with their new toys and the atmosphere is very mellow. There is no need to rush anywhere, nothing to buy or wrap, nothing to bake. There are enough leftovers in the frig to feed a small country, but we just might order out for pizza anyway. It feels good not to have to think or make any decisions. I have been tired for the past few weeks but today is one for relaxing. I am writing my blog on my new iPad, hubby is watching cat videos on the computer, my son is playing guitar on his iPhone, one granddaughter is reading a book on her Kindle and another is playing a game on her Android.  Who would have thought this would be the scene a few years ago.  It is a brand new world.


  1. I hear you - was thinking a long very similar lines... sandie

  2. Glad you are taking some time to enjoy the season. Rain here in Ontario too, although we are supposed to get something interesting tonight. Sounds like high-tech has landed at your house this year. Enjoy.

  3. It struck me at the Ashram. There we were in one room, each in our computers. It really is a different world. From 4-60, all staring into glowing screens. It's like a Heinlein novel.

  4. And,, as you say, it is good not having to keep thinking about what food to buy, or what needs doing next. Wet here and forecast is for more with storms - ideal for blogging out.

  5. ...and a wonderful new world...without it, I would be reading your lovely post and enjoying all these wonderful new relationships.
    bitterly cold here today, so the fire is on and it's leftovers - again!

  6. Sounds like a perfect day Arleen. Like J says - where would we be without all this amazing new technology.

  7. Dear Arleen,
    It is a brand new world. I think if my parents--mom died in 1968 and dad in 1975--where to return to earth like Clarence, the angel, they would be astonished at the changes.

    I'm slowly moving into the twenty-first century, but I remain technologically challenged! Maybe 2012 will see me with an iPad or a Kindle or some mechanical device that will proclaim--"She's arrived!!!!"