Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's Time

I'm running late, but doing OK.

In the spring of our lives, time seems to go by so slowly because we are always looking forward to the future.

As summer passes, there is no time, we are busy with too many things.

As the flowers lose their luster and fall approaches, we wonder where did it all go.


However, only "now" matters; it is only the moment at hand, the moment to make the most of what we have and what we can give.

I am going to start planting, because that time has come.  It's time for my gardens.  Time for me to sow my seeds and hope for the best.

"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything."
William Shakespeare


  1. Arleen I so agree. Happy planting in your garden,

  2. And around and around we go. Funny, I've had quite a few conversations lately on "how quickly time passes".

  3. Great video! Enjoy your planting. My Mom always says it's therapy for her...she loves being out there. :-)

  4. What a fun video! I wish I'd thought to do something like that. I just heard about someone doing a similar video of their daughter.

    Isn't spring just the most hopeful time of year? I find myself just brimming with anticipation, looking forward to each spring flower and the bounty of the garden in summer. I love spring!

  5. Great video - the time passes so quickly conversation has been going on here as well lately.

    Not the planting season though but the pruning and tidying up season which reminds me that I must do some more of it.

  6. And here, when I get off my butt, I will be planting bulbs for next spring. Gardens are such a restorative place for me....

  7. I can't wait to get planting! Wow, that was a really cool video. Nice find!

  8. I swear, that is EXACTLY how fast our grandchildren are growing! (And how DARE our sons have gray hair???) You're right. Right now is all we have, so we'd better make the most of it. The more time passes, the more apparent that truth becomes.

  9. I agree with you - time goes so fast - my neck snaps. So plant your garden now and enjoy it's fruits (veggies). sandie

  10. That is brilliant and so cute. Dunder is quite a star isn't he?

  11. This makes me want to head to the plant nursery and grab some seeds and potted perennials.

    Dunder--how did you do that?! Wonderful.

  12. Whatever season we're in, all we ever have is right now. Happy planting!

  13. Gosh, I have got the bug to plant flowers too. I keep seeing beautiful gardens everywhere and I want to be the same. I'm soo not green-fingered however. Good luck with yours.

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  15. AHHHHH! The cardinals flew the coop, and now the bluebird has gone away, too. (sniff) But your flowers? Beautiful. You have a knack for putting up just the right picture.

    1. It was my second choice. I had a picture of a butterfly (first I saw this year), but I couldn't get in on the blog the way I wanted. I will continue to work on it as people seem to like flying things.

  16. That's right sowing seeds and hoping for the best.
    Also Now is more important than yesterday or tomorrow.

  17. that is what my husband always reminds me...just plant seeds..
    happy May!!

  18. Dear Arleen, . . . first let me say that the photo you've posted at the top of your blog is lovely. Are those crabapple blossoms? It's evocative and says, so gently, "Spring is here."

    Second, let me commend you on planting again. That must be a time-honored spring ritual for you.

    And finally, let me thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog during April. I so appreciate your insights.