Monday, July 23, 2012

PhotoPrompt Monday, July 23, 2012

The Birthday Present
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Thoughts of a boy and his new cat:

Johnny:  I wanted a dog, a big black boy dog and I got a cat, a lady cat."

Fluffy:  No way am I going to run after that stick.

Johnny:  What do I do with a cat?

Fluffy:  I hope he has some string.

Johnny:  She just sits there cleaning herself.  Doesn't she know any tricks?

Fluffy:  Aargh, a hairball, I got a darn hairball.  Oh good, here it comes. Gak!  Gak! .......Gak!

Johnny:  Oh, that is so gnarly.  Yuck!

Fluffy:  Ah, that felt good. I could use a little grooming now,  maybe I'll let him pet me.

Johnny:  Oh gosh, now she's  rubbing herself all over me. 

Fluffy:  Get with it kid, this is your cue.  I am allowing you to touch me.  Under the chin, under the chin, and if you please, my head also.

Johnny:  She is friendly, and I guess kind of cute.

Fluffy:  Now he has it right.  I'll give him a few more minutes, just to make sure he gets all my favorite spots.  Wait, I think I see a moth.

Johnny:  Wow, she sure can jump.  Maybe this won't be so bad.  I'll go get my Frisbee and see if she can catch that.

Fluffy:  Well,  that was exhausting and I didn't even get the bug.   I need to take a nap now.  Maybe, if I feel like it, I'll give the kid another chance tomorrow.

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  1. Hello Arleen:
    What an amusing dialogue,but how disarmingly real this all sounds! How we can identify with the unwanted gift and empathise with poor Johnny. But, all will be well in the end. The unconditional love that a pet gives will surely melt even the hardest of hearts!

  2. That's cute...and frighteningly realistic.

  3. great dialogue and capturing both participants! You are more creative than I am feeling at the moment . . . Loved the cat voice; it was exactly what I would have expected my cat to be thinking! So true!

  4. How cute! And your dialog matches the picture really well, too. (The look on that boy's face!) Fluffy's gonna shape that boy up into a cat lover in no time. Um, without the Frisbee.

  5. Dear Arleen, your posting today so reminded me of two of my favorite children's books by Sharon Creech. The first book in the two-part series is entitled "Love That Dog." The second book is, of course, "Hate That Cat." In both books the narrator--a young boy in the middle grades tells his story through the poetry that the teacher presents in class and then has the children emulate. These two books are delightful and perhaps your grandchildren would like them. Peace.

  6. So cute! You nailed a cat's personality too and what they are thinking. Well, I think I am officially back. It is good to see your beautiful page. Love the flower up top. Hope your summer is wonderful! Hugs.

  7. "gnarly" LOL! Cats, eh. They sure know how to play us.

  8. Wonderful story! I adore your sense of humor.

  9. I can sympathise with poor Johnny. As a child we always has CATS; never the scruffy mutt that I always craved. I've been scarred for life!

  10. Love it. And as one who shares her life with not one but two cats I know how well they train us. Using hot feet if they deem it necessary.

  11. haha I loved reading this..I have 5 boys..and anyone could be substituted for Johnny..

  12. Dogs are more "boy" type pets aren't they... or so it always seems to me! an amusing dialogue.

    By the way I love the header picture you have at present.

  13. ROFL! I laughed so hard my hubby gave me the are-you-nuts? look. This is perfect. Thanks for adding laughter to my day. :-D

  14. OMG! That is such a funny scenario!! But sooo true! Like the saying goes: "Dogs have owners; Cats have a staff". Too funny!

  15. I think you've uncovered an archetype with this- I've seen (and said) much of this in my lifetime! Well done!