Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Retirement - Moving on

End of my 6th Week of Retirement and doing OK.

Chariots of Fire

I am motivated by inspirational people, movies, music and quotes. I am so sentimental that I cry when I see the flag raised.  If I read something in a newspaper or book that tugs at my heart, I cut it out and paste it somewhere.  I read them over and over.  Music is part of my heart and I will play the same songs for months or possibly years, until they begin to get on my nerves, (ex: I Hope You Dance). However  I am not very nostalgic for old times or old music, I think of tradition as somebody else's idea or something to be improved upon.  I try to live in today and now, and for the moment.

No matter my doubts and fears, I  believe in myself.  I always thought that even if things pile up on me, that somehow I would get them all done.  Don't misunderstand me, I have always had family and friends to get me through the tough times and I have no trouble asking for help.  It is difficult for me now to accept that I can no longer do some of the physical or mental  things I once thought easy, but as long as I am vertical, I will try my best.

If you had read my prior blogs you will remember me saying that I have started jogging, something I never would have considered even a few years ago.  I am not an athlete and sports and me have never mixed.  In my younger years hubby encouraged me to play tennis, even buying me a pair of Tom McCann bobos and a tennis racket.  When I took the lessons I hit very few balls, as a matter of fact, I ducked when I saw them coming at me.  I compare going to those sessions as being in a dentist chair having all my teeth extracted.  It was not fun.  I have quit very few things in my life, but after lesson 3, I was out of there. Tennis was not the only sport that would put me in a state of extreme panic. I used to cringe at the words "anyone for volleyball" or "where's the Frisbee".  It still sends shivers up my spine and I am grateful for old age and my friends infirmities (from these sports) that I no longer have to hear those words.  However, now that I am sort of running, I am enjoying myself. There is no euphoria that I have heard others have after a run, but seeing what I can do gives me such satisfaction.  Unfortunately, two weeks ago, I hurt myself and could no longer run. . My ankles and heels hurt so bad that when I walked, I looked like a penguin.  I gave it a rest for a week and once I felt better, I tried again.

I am being sensible this time, I decided to wear sneakers (after advise from absolutely everybody) and instead of doing it all at one time, I broke it up into 4 sessions per day, doing 4000 to 5000 steps each time.  Because I like to be inspired, I found "music to run with" on the net.  Now if you are passing by my house, you may hear "Chariots of Fire being played over and over again all morning and afternoon.  It changes my mood and I find myself swaying my shoulders and moving my arms like they do in the video.  I don't wear white pants and shirts like the actors, as it is a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day.  I now also have a partner, my 16 year old rickety cat.  Martian is a smart old guy that has been my constant companion since I retired. I just have to pat my leg and say come-on Martian, and there he is right behind me.  He can't run like before but he can walk fast, not dissimilar to his owner.  He must have done at least 10 laps with me, sometimes taking shortcuts under tables.  The rest of the time he would sit on chairs or couches that I would pass and give me a high five with his eyes.  OK, now I figure you are all raising your eyebrows at me, old lady running around the house with her old cat to the sounds of Chariots of Fire thinking the cat is giving her a high five.  You all probably think that I am one step from senility.  I can see your point!  However, I have a plan.  Next week, when hopefully the snow melts and the temperature rises to its projected 60 degrees, I am taking my running outside.  I will have to buy an IPod, or one of those "I" things so I can hear my music, but I intend to build myself up so that by the time my birthday comes in June and another nasty number defines me, I can enter some small race, hopefully with my grandchildren, and finish without the EMT on the medical van that follows the runners putting me on a stretcher.  I know I can do it; yesterday I finished 8.5 miles.  I am woman, hear me roar.


  1. I don't know how you can run...I took up walking...the dog loves the snowplow almost hit dog...and the neighbor''s fun!!! Please get a GOOD pair of shoes...expensive will be sorry if you don't...go to a good sporting store and let them fit your foot properly...there now I have said it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Welcome to the world of the recently retired. I will be one year at the end of April and my husband will be two years at the same time. I have just reached the point where I don't feel aggravated at having to be somewhere at a certain time. Oh what joy to get up in the morning and assess whether or not you want to "follow the plan" for the day. (plan? did I actually say plan?) Did everyone ask YOU how you were going to fill your time when you retired? I told them the whole idea was to NOT have your time filled. I've been waiting for this forever. As you say, so far so good, and it just seems to be getting better every day. I look forward to following your posts.