Monday, February 21, 2011

My Retirement - One More MonthTill Spring

8 Week of Retirement and doing OK.

Looking forward!

Last week was a reprieve from winter.  There was no snow, no ice, no temperatures below freezing, and no weather anxiety.  Body shop dealers could take a week off.  The local TV news shows had to find something else to frighten us.  Of course, they had to tell us not to enjoy what we had because there was something on the horizon that would bring our happiness to a crashing end.  However, while we had sun and temperatures hitting the 70 degree mark in February, I basked in its glory.

Although it has been cold, we have not had to endure a winter like we did last year.  While our average snowfall is 36", 2010 brought us 86.6" with 62.8" falling in February (2 storms), so anything is better than that.  We have had snow but only 3" to 8" at a time and it really mattered what town you lived in.  There could be a difference of 6" between a few miles.  Most of the time this year, my area has been on the low end and as Martha Stewart would say, that is a good thing. Then last week we had that wonderful "spring in winter" interlude.  It was so beautiful, I took my Mayo Clinic, 5K run, 7-week training course for beginners outside.  The first day you walk-run (45 seconds for walking, and 15 seconds for jogging) for 30 minutes and I came back alive, a definite positive.  I did OK but found that running on pavement is a little different than running on cherry wood floors.  I kept up my training all week and came to the conclusion that I might have to alter my goals.  As the days went on I also found that it was harder on my lungs and maybe my heart.  I am not totally crazy, so I thought it over and decided that I might have to just walk.  I will continue with my plan and find some kind of race to enter in the spring, only I will be going slower.  My family might have to wait a little longer for me at the end but I will finish.

While I did my training outside last week I passed so many of my neighbors smiling.  Good weather seems to bring out the best in us all.  People greeted me, commented on the beautiful day and then all said something to the effect that this would not last.  Bummer!  We all know that is probably true as it still is February, but we only have the moment, we should embrace it and not think of the negative.  Spring is coming, it is less than a month away.  I am thinking in those terms now and am already planning on what seeds and flowers that I will plant this year.  This is great fun for me and as I listened to all the weather people say to get ready for another one-two punch (their phrase of the year), I think what flowers I will order today.

Speaking of negativity, while we were enjoying a salad last night with my daughter, hubby mentions that he has printed out an Internet article that tells you how much pesticide is on vegetables and fruit.  He promptly got the print-out and before we had finished our "healthy" meal, we were informed that everything we had consumed was loaded with organisms and poison.  Bon appetit`. He is a good guy with such a big heart, but he can't help himself, he thrives on calamities, for him, it is about survival.  I guess it is part of the caveman thing .

Find a good story and laughter in all things; it will comfort you.

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