Sunday, August 7, 2011

From Sea to Shining Sea

Packing up soon and doing OK.

jersey-shore-gallery-teaseI wonder about this popularity of the  phenomenon called  Jersey Shore.  It is a reality show about this group of characters in their mid-twenties who butcher the English language, make rude and crude remarks, fight and argue, and mainly talk about nothing. However, they do attract a large international audience (30 countries).  I have never seen the show but have observed excerpts and watched the cast as they guested on different programs. I don't get it. What is so interesting about them?  My college educated daughter loves to watch it and I just shake my head.  I have heard some people call it their guilty pleasure.  It's not mine. I can think of many more pleasures that I would love to feel guilty about.  When I spend my time watching TV,  I look for well-told stories, funny comedies (they are few and far between) and entertainment on public television.  Yeah, time has passed me by, but I am OK with that.

This month I will be vacationing at the New Jersey shore.  No, it is not Seaside Heights where the Jerseylicious gang hang out, but rather a family-centered town where you can't even order a glass of wine at a restaurant.  That won't bother me as I am reminded of my adventure in California and almost falling on my face after one glass of their fine wine.  True, it was a combination of six varieties, but I have been careful since that incident.  The old grey mare ain't what she used to be.....

So, in the span of a few weeks, I have visited both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans.   There is a myriad of differences in their cultures,  but they have one thing in common - the crazies.  Judge for yourself.
Jersey crazies

California crazies

I really think California is holding all the cards in this contest.


  1. Hello Arleen:
    We do find that not having a television spares us from all manner of horrors and certainly your account of Jersey Shore convinces us that we are well off without it. As you say, if one is to have a guilty pleasure, then perhaps it could be far more interesting or exciting than JS which does sound rather tedious.

    We are interested to read that you are off on your travels again and feel that reducing the wine intake may well be a goodidea after your unfortunate experiences in California. And, as you say, there are bound to be crazy things and crazy people to see since they are the world over!!!!

  2. Last night for the first time I saw a clip of Jersey as I was flicking about..... I'm with you on this one.... Why are people watching this stuff?

  3. The Jersey Shore is popular for the same reasons Jerry Springer was. Outrageous behavior attracts a crowd. There's schadenfraude and vicarious thrill to be had, emulation and disgust. It's a modern Greek tragedy and a freak show all at once.

  4. There is the same sort of rubbish on British t.v. Ignorant, vain and self-obsessed young adults talking and doing nothing of note. My well- educated daughters find them fascinating. It is beyond me to understand!

  5. Oh, and I forgot to say, have a lovely time at the beach. (It is tipping down with rain here and I'm wearing that staple of the English summer, a Scottish cashmere cardigan!)

  6. Have a lovely time on your holiday. I rarely watch television these days for the same reason here!

  7. Not much on the television here in New
    Zealand either. I am far happier with a good book. Have a great holiday.

  8. You have had a busy few weeks!
    I am with you on the reality tv show--Jersey Shores. (My daughter calls it Jersey Whores...) Some day those young people will look back at their moments of fame. They will be about 50 lbs. heavier, and still talk the same.

  9. I don't get it either. Part of me wants to watch to see what the deal is, but I'm afraid I'll get sucked in like all the others.