Thursday, August 18, 2011

Company is coming

Busy, busy, busy, but I am doing OK

Fun times ahead!
Company will be here in a few weeks and it is a reason to clean up, spruce up and fix up. You need to have visitors once in a while to spur you on to tackle those projects that you have put off .  Hubby doesn't seem to have the energy to do the painting and repairing that I would like him to do, but he works hard all day, so I don't nag.  It will be up to me to do the DIY projects and I plan to get this ball rolling quickly before my enthusiasm peters out.

100 abandoned houses, abandoned, architecture, black, brick, depressing

On the whole, the house is in pretty good shape, it just needs a little TLC. It is nothing that a can of paint and a few nails won't fix.

The guest bathroom is in need of an update.. Hubby worked on it  awhile ago and it serves its purpose but needs a little touch-up.  Because my visitors are family, I will get some Charmin.

LasagnaI plan on using my best china and crystal as I want to impress.  Right now I am planning the menu.  I have chosen quite a few gourmet items that I think they will like.  I will just have to remember to remove the cellophane before serving.

My guests are wine affectionados.  Hubby has been busy checking out the stores for the very best to serve. We also have some fine wine that he made about 30 years ago from a recipe that has been handed down for generations.  I have been told that if you add a bottle or so of vodka to it,  you have pure heaven.

Time's a' wasting and I need to get on the stick.   I have so many more ideas that I want to put in place. My adrenalin is pumping now!

Can't wait to see Chris and Fay so we can celebrate, once again, the closeness and love of family.


  1. All of your improvements and menu ideas are an inspiration....I need to get off my duff and get working on some improvements of my own. Maybe a glass or two of that home made wine will get me started.

  2. You would fit in so well here in the south. Come on down sometime!

  3. Adding "Vodka" to the wine my brother has hidden for 30 years sounds like a great "polish" it "dandelion" wine...I can hardly wait...don't bother with the food!!!!

  4. That was priceless! And you obviously had way too much fun preparing it.

  5. Hello Arleen:
    Such fun! We are sure that your guests will be delighted at all the trouble you have gone to on their behalf!!!

    If time is pressing, then our advice would be to simply concentrate on the drink. Then either the guests will not care about or see the rest!!

  6. That toilet! Just the thought of having to use corn cobs for . . . yikes.

  7. Ooh la la, I like the new look of your blog. If that's a picture of your garden at the top of the page, WOW! Absolutely gorgeous. Nice slide show of pics at the top, too.

    Love this post, but why get Charmin? A Sears catalog would be an adequate upgrade from the corn cobs, dontcha think?

  8. My 12 year old granddaughter, Madison, revamped my blog and this is her work. The top picture is of my Zen garden. It took me a few years to put together, but it is done and I hardly had to do any work on it this year. For that I am grateful, as the heat has been almost too much for me to spend my days out in the burning sun.

  9. You have a very talented granddaughter. (At twelve, I was still playing with paper dolls ...) Your Zen garden is wonderful. What a perfect place to enjoy a morning cup of tea, and um feel the zen.

  10. Your granddaughter did an awesome job. The garden is fabulous.
    The house does need work, altho the toilet seems to be functioning.
    Great post, fun to read!