Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunny Side Up

Vacation time is over and I am doing OK

The Son of  the Old Philosopher, (1959)

A few weeks ago the Sunday supplement in our newspaper printed an article on how to be happy.  Amidst all the bad news lately, I thought that maybe it would be a good time to check this out. One of the questions in the quiz was "What piece of happiness advice from a Disney movie is actually backed by scientific evidence?"  They gave four choices and the answer was "Think Happy Thoughts" from Peter Pan (the boy who never wanted to grow up).  They said that just imagining yourself laughing can reduce sadness.  I can agree with that because laughter not only lifts your spirits but also everyone's around you.  However, laughing all the time can get you a bed in the funny farm also.

I feel that I am a relatively contented old soul, my personal life has been good, and I consider myself  pretty lucky to have experienced so much love in my life.  However, I do suffer from  Irish Worrying Syndrome, otherwise known as IWS.  Currently there is no medicine or cure for this affliction and it is hereditary.  I married a Polish man hoping that this malady would be diluted in the genes and my children would escape this curse.  I forgot to check though to see if there was a disease called PWS and apparently there is.  Our descendants have no chance. However, now that I have that information from this article, I will sing my heart out and make the worrying go away.  Just listen to Elmo, a young philosopher:

 I am wearing my big happy face now!


  1. You gotta love Elmo....

  2. Some people would probably think it verges on insanity to be "happy" in the midst of all the troubles in the world today. But, hey! This is the only today we've GOT! Might not BE a tomorrow. And I absolutely positively refuse to spend what could be my last day acting like a grouchy old fart. Act happy, and your heart will follow.

  3. Thanks for an uplifting post.

    Yep, I actually went on line and googled "Irish Worrying Syndrome". My parents were both of Irish extraction and I seem to have been blessed with a liberal dose of the worry wart too.

    Today I shall only think positive thoughts and do happy things.

  4. My husband is totally Irish, and I have a blend of UK which includes all that Celtic capacity for worrying.
    Elmo was adorable, although the "tickle-me-Elmo" scared my then two yr. 'Bright Eyes', and she would not go near it for years.

  5. Don't worry, be happy! Somebody I worked with was always saying that - even if the place was falling apart! She was such good company!

  6. Dear Happy Face, Isn't the condition pretty similar to HWS? (Human Worrying Syndrome) I'm Scots/Irish/Yorkshire and can worry for Britain!

  7. Hey you better stay happy....I will be there in 16 days.....I promise to wear my Polish Happy Face....start pouring the wine!!!!
    Love ya....guess who????

  8. I am a big believer in smiling and laughing. My problem is, and maybe this is my Welsh blood with a good dose of the southern ( US) drama, I get the worries in the middle of the night. Now sitting up in bed laughing hysterically would probably not be good for my marriage. Just a thought!

    Thank you so much for joining me over at "Living Life". I look forward to following you as well.

  9. I have a recipe for being happy