Monday, May 21, 2012

Stealing Some Scenery

It was a beautiful weekend and I am doing OK.

I have been spending the last week working on my gardens but today is gloomy with showers expected for the rest of the week.  The rain will be good for the plants and although I am anxious to get all this work completed, maybe a little rest for my breaking back is in order also.  So today, I am catching up, doing some inside work and just vegging out.

I checked in on my daughter, Heather, and saw that she posted some pictures of her family camping trip to Big Sur, CA.  I had the pleasure of making that tour (not an over-nighter) with her a number of years ago and it was spectacular.  Unlike Heather, (and all my children), I am not a camper and enjoy the comforts of a four star hotel (but will rough it in a three star, if necessary).  However, I  am proud of how they can enjoy living in the great outdoors at the mercy of all the elements.  They must have inherited a recessive gene because being covered with crawly creatures and listening to sounds that are foreign to me throughout the night is an adventure I would now rather skip. Then there is that whole bathroom business!  However, I can understand the beauty of it all and certainly enjoy looking at their pictures.

California is one of the most beautiful and interesting places that I have visited.  It's scenery is exquisite, it's population eclectic and it's pace is oh, so laid back (especially as compared to that of the northeast coast).  It is a great place to live,  play and dream big dreams.  The distance from Heather's home to Big Sur is about 70 miles and the drive is scenic beyond belief.  You will go through the majesty of the Redwoods and Sequoias,  the elegance of Pebble Beach, and drive along the coast of the mighty Pacific.  There are not enough adjectives to describe it properly.

Dwarfed by the trees

Swinging to the beat!

The Living Room

The fog will lift - eventually!

Beautiful beaches and beautiful ladies

So what do you do when you get to the top?

Looks like the fog is lifting a little.  Must be noon.

So much to see and do!

Lazy river day.  This would be more my speed.

Peace and Serenity

Like me, the river just flows around to the next bend and looks forward to what is to come.

In my next life, I hope to be more of an adventurer like my offspring.  I am sure though that I will still need my own indoor bathroom.


  1. Arleen, it looks fantastic

  2. Hello Arleen:
    Well, we are absolutely with you on the thought of life in under canvas in the great outdoors. No, we are not happy campers and will not go anywhere unless we are guaranteed our own bathroom with fully functional plumbing.

    However, we do admire your intrepid family and they are exploring some truly remarkable countryside here. It all looks truly stunning and they do seem to be having the times of their lives. Perfect! We feel very privileged to have been offered a glimpse into their adventures through these wonderful photographs.

  3. What a wonderful place but I am with you on the bathroom facilities and the creepy crawlies.

  4. Lovely scenery.

  5. There's nothing like a camping trip. You just brought back great memories! Thanks for sharing these.

  6. Arleen, I so understand the bathroom issue. I can deal with everything else, but I want a private lavatory with real toilet paper. It looks like a wonderful vacation spot. Bonnie

  7. You have a beautiful family. It looks like a great place to take a vacation. Floating down the river like the would be so relaxing.

  8. You are right in what you say about California - they have every thing there - my sister lives there too. Lovely family. sandie

  9. I am not a camper either - been there, done that, and wouldn't buy the t-shirt. These photos were just lovely though. Thank you, and a big thanks to your adventurous offspring as well.

  10. Wow. Looks wonderful. I think my camping days are over too; unless it was accompanied by 'all-mod-cons'.

  11. Wow, I really want to go there. I like that it's all laid back too. The people seem happy and chilled there. The scenery has to help! I would definitely camp to enjoy all that. I'm quite an expert at "powdering my nose" in the great outdoors. :D

  12. Dear Arleen, For all of the decade of the 1980s, I camped for two weeks each fall with a dear friend--in the forested parks of upper Minnesota. So much to hear and see and yet so much silence too. And the starry nights in a camp far from the city lights is astounding. I'm glad your children and theirs enjoy the outdoor life. And maybe, as you said, in another life, you'll be a real outdoorsy person! Peace.

  13. great pictures!! my husband and I did the Big Sur camping trip before spectular, really and fun...they were good good times for your daughter too.

  14. sooo beautiful! Big Sur looks amazing!

  15. Good Morning Arleen! What a wonderful post...I've never been to California but your photo's make me want to head there right now. LOVE that beautiful water...and it's CLEAR! Not like Kansas water..well we do have some clear creeks...just not around where we live. The ocean is unreal...the rocks and the colors..sigh. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend! Maura :) PS...thanks for stopping by this morning.

  16. Arlene - these photos are amazing! I love to be outside - love the whole hiking, spending the day outdoors kind of thing --- but at night - I want a hotel. Doesn't have to be fancy -- just clean! So NO- I'm not a camper either!! Id love to see some of the places in these photos!