Monday, May 28, 2012

Photo Prompt, May 28, 2012

A holiday weekend and I am doing OK.

Photo Prompt Monday

Mondays PhotoPrompt is a laid back project wherein anyone at anytime can join a picture on a Monday, write something generated by the prompt (prose/poetry/long/short/fiction/nonfiction), read, critique...whatever stirs your pot. You have all week to think about what you want to write (or not). That's just how we roll lol.

If you are going to post a PhotoPrompt or are going to write about a PhotoPrompt or are planning to do some reading and may enjo critiquing please leave a note in comments so everyone can follow

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June, the wedding month, is almost here. So here is a picture of a young couple taking the chance and committing themselves to each other.  It is a start of a new life and there is much to look forward, much to dream about, and much to share.  May the years be good, may the troubles be few and may the memories be filled with times of laughter and joy.


  1. Good potential, there! I'm just enjoying reading them. :)

  2. I may have to jump in this summer. I hope you are having a great holiday weekend. Bonnie

  3. Lovely wedding! Have been to beach weddings--have some ideas about writing to this prompt!

  4. Hello Arleen:
    The idea of having a wedding on the seashore sounds like the perfect way to start a married life together. And, there are so many parallels between the sea and marriage...the times of calm waters, the periods of rough seas, the irritation of sand between the toes and the reassurance and warmth of rocks baked in the sunshine. What an adventure it all is on the high seas!

    1. Dear Lance and Jane,

      That was beautifully written. My daughter (not in the picture), got married along the shore of the Pacific. It was a perfect setting and a perfect day.

  5. Good morning Arleen,
    Great idea and I love that picture. I also really like your new one up top. I kind of lost my mojo after getting my injections so trying to get back at it here. I've missed you! :-) Hope all has been well and you are enjoying your beautiful yard and flowers. Have an awesome day!

  6. What a wonderful PhotoPrompt! We also had a June wedding. Thanks for including me, and I hope to come up with something soon. Julie

  7. That's a great pic and a great prompt. It immediately sent ideas through my head

  8. This is a most excellent idea and I've noted those who have been involved. You have certainly created some inspiration with this PhotoPrompt!
    Great stuff!
    In kindness, Gary

  9. A nice photograph, although it looks windy (not that I mind- I enjoy the wind). How lovely to be married by the ocean. I'm glad you're doing okay, Arleen

  10. Dear Arleen, your last paragraph--the response to the photograph--was so succinct and yet it summed up what I think all of us want to wish for newlyweds. Peace.