Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday PhotoPrompt, June 4, 2012

Tending to my gardens lately and doing OK

Lazy, Crazy Days of Summer.

We all look forward to this time of year.  This vacation has been planned for 10 months and we can't wait for it to start.  The car is packed with all sorts of paraphernalia, the tank is full and everyone has been buckled up .  Fun and sun is only 4 hours away.

One hour has passed and you begin to feel that you are part of National Lampoon's Vacation movie.  The kids who you thought would sleep, didn't, and now don't want to share that back seat with their other siblings.  Then you remember what you forgot to pack to keep them entertained , but too late now.  However, you can always buy it at your destination at 3xs the price you paid for at home. 

Hour two into the road trip and you start to threaten the children you once loved.  You really don't mean it, but that headache that began pounding about half an hour ago has turned you into another person.  The pain started around the same time that traffic seemed to come to a standstill and people became impatient.  You should be halfway there, but you are not.  There are no happy campers in the car.

Three hours now and you have been able to make up some of the time due to your spouse's need to break the sound barrier.  Oh, what's that you see in the back window, why it's your friendly  policeman who has noticed your "out of state license plate" and wants to welcome you to his town.   You thank him for his keen observance of hubby's driving habits and try not to cry when he hands him the $200 ticket.  

Almost there and the car has become quiet.  The children have run out of steam and are sound asleep.  There is silence between you and the race car driver seated next to you, but out the window you can see the sunset over the water. This was what you have dreamed about all these months.  Peace and forgiveness have now replaced frustration and anger.  The car pulls into the driveway of the rental house and surprise, it is even nicer than the picture you saw on the Internet. The children wake and squeal with delight.  All is right with the world. 

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  1. How funny and true! I remember constantly falling out with my sis in the back of the car, having to put the cooler between us... and my dad racing some car on a bumpy road and losing our muffler. He had to use a tin of beans to get us to the cabin. :D

  2. Great prompt and I enjoyed the story. Brought back memories of going camping and always, always getting lost on the way

  3. Oh the picture reminds me of our trips to Seaside, FL. Wonderful story! Bonnie

  4. I love this picture! It reminds me of the FL coast also. I am lucky enough to go whenever I want since I live close. My vacation is to the mountains! I'm ready!!! I'm a little confused by photo prompt Monday. Are we supposed to choose our own photo or use another? Yours is the second one I have seen.

    1. As I understand it, you can post just a picture or a picture with a post on Monday. You have until Friday to write something about someone else's PhotoPrompt.

    2. This picture was taken in the Outer Banks! N.C. a few years ago, right before a hurricane was about to hit and spoil our vacation. Fortunately it passed us by.

  5. Boy I remember those days - it was just like that. sandie

  6. Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet?

  7. Omg!! This is toooo funny!! Brings back years of memories, taking 4 kids camping in the station wagon, packed inside and out,looking like we were the "road touring company" for "Grapes of Wrath"!! Wishing you all a very happy, relaxing vacation!