Sunday, August 19, 2012

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

It started out this way. 

A little more than the shower they predicted.

And ended up here.

In between

We stayed in a very nice beach rental.

Mary Poppins stopped by

The grandkids went on their first ocean fishing trip.

which turned out not to be so much fun.

Making sand castles

and jumping the waves

Were more to their liking.

We had some beautiful days playing in the water

And some lovely evenings enjoying the sunset

The kids had a blast and I always cherish my time with them.

The last few days were not the best, but we all stuck together and I am so thankful for the family that I have.

With some luck, I will be off to the west coast this week. 


  1. Looks like you had a great summer - but who went to the hospital? sandie

  2. hope everyones alright....memories..

  3. great pictures!!! we spent time at the medical center on vacation too...and the bright idea of renting a fishing boat for the family was not a bright idea....everyone of us got sick and went to bed by 8!
    your grandkids are beautiful! that last picture is beautiful!!!

  4. I hope that who ever went to hospital is now safe and well. Brilliant photos of the rest of your holiday, and I felt for your grand-daughter. I am very prone to sea sickness myself.

    1. It was a frightening experience but he continues to improve each day.

  5. Your grandkids are growing! What a wonderful time you had with them.

    Write a post soon with a follow-up, okay?

  6. So glad that your patient is improving.

  7. Your rental home is really beautiful. The picture of the grandkids 'ENJOYING' their fishing trip made me laugh. Mine went fishing too this summer, but on dry land!

  8. Hello Arleen:
    The 'in between' looks to have been fun packed and in a glorious setting. But we are so sorry to hear that your holiday ended up with time spent in a hospital and we sincerely hope that whatever was the matter is now no longer too much of a concern. Reading comments above, it would seem that things are improving.

  9. Hope the 'hospital' portion of the vacation is over now.

  10. Oh Arleen, I do hope the hospital visit was a short one. The beach part looks to have been a fun time. Well, maybe not the boat ride. Your grandchildren are precious. How wonderful to be able to spend time with them playing. Keep us posted.

  11. What is it with getting sick on holiday! That's just not allowed to happen. Man. The other bits look tremendous with memories to treasure for sure.

  12. Hope you're well. I've been out of touch, laptopless, for almost a week...

    The beach rental looks wonderful, as do the grandkids!


  13. Dear Arleen, I'm sorry to learn that during your vacation someone had to go to the hospital. I hope that all is well now. On a lighter note, your grandchildren look so happy in that group photograph--content with their day and with the photographer! Peace.

  14. Arleen, what a frightening experience to have to go through, hope your patient gets better day by day. The children are loving the beach and the sea. Sand castles still come out tops and what a beautiful sunset. Yes, memories are so precious.

  15. Look at you living it up! Great pix, beautiful people... how does it end at a hospital? This doesn't fit my perfect picture of a holiday in the sun and surf.
    Have fun in the wild west!

  16. Now, ya know you're not playing fair. You don't tell us your vacation ended up at the medical center without telling us any of the details. He? Your hubby? Your grandson? Whoever it was, I hope it wasn't serious, and he's back in the best of health now. Other than that, your vacation looked fantabulous. The sun, sand, water, grandchildren... doesn't get much better than that. (Catch any fish on that trip?)

  17. I'm with the rest of the comments . . . wondering what happened at the end! I'm hoping all is well, or soon to be. The pictures are wonderful, well, except the one of someone getting sick!

    Let us know how things are going, soon!

  18. You have a beautiful family! I hope that everyone is okay, and that the hospital visit was a very short one for nothing serious. Julie

  19. The perfect summer. Watching the grandkids grow. Perfect.