Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Retirement - B-Bye Oprah

The sun is out and I'm doing OK.

So long
Oprah Winfrey
You have to be living under a rock if you don't know that today is the last Oprah Winfrey Show.  When she first announced it about a year ago, women all over the country sighed; we could not imagine Oprah not being part of our day. As I  write this, I am thinking, this sounds so trivial, it is a TV show, how important could that be.  However, what Oprah did to empower people, to encourage us, to make us look at our potential, was unprecedented. 

When Oprah first started on TV,  I only worked 30 hours a week and was home in time to watch this show.  It was so different than the usual gab fests and I became a fan right away.   Over the years, because of schedules,  I seldom got to watch, but because a radio station picked it up, I was able to listen to it on my way home from work.  It was a nice cool down for me and most of the shows were very interesting.  There were many stories where I could relate or learn from or just be entertained. 

This woman, who came from a difficult childhood, believed in herself and thus encouraged so many people in the world to rise above their own burdens, to empower themselves to reach beyond and know their strengths.

So today at 4:00 PM, I am going to stop what I am doing, get out my box of tissues and sit down and watch Oprah's final broadcast.   I have to admit I love to cry at sad or inspirational stories and watching her today will be a meloncholy event.  She is going on to new exciting things, but what are we groopies to do now. 


  1. Hello:
    Having just emerged from the rock to post this comment, we feel rather out of things that we had no idea that Oprah Winfrey was about to broadcast her last.

    As we have not had a television for over 30 years, it will come as no surprise that we have never seen a single episode, but we have heard about her.

    We can well imagine that she has enabled all manner of individuals to believe in themselves and to meet the many challenges that life brings. If for nothing else [and this is in itself a great deal] she will surely be missed.

  2. I never did watch Oprah or read her magazine but I have heard good things. I am sure you will find something else to inspire you...maybe Dr Oz?

  3. MBJ - I have enough doctors in my life without watching one on TV. Maybe I will take up roll blading.

    Jane and Lance - I am so impressed with your lifestyle - No TV.

    Oprah has been an icon to so many, not only because of her philantrophy, but because of her inspiration. She has told us that we have power and a voice and to believe in ourselves to be all that we can be. I may be "long in the tooth" but I know there is still work for me to do and dreams to be made.

  4. i ALWAYS PREFERRED OPERA as an actress.... her performance in The Colour Purple was wonderful!

  5. I agree with you, The Color Purple was a marvelous movie and it did not even win one Academy Award. We all know what that was about, however, that was a different time. All performances were outstanding and Oprah and Whoopie deserved to win.