Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Retirement - The End of the World, No Big Deal

Time is getting shorter, but doing OK

Nuttiness, and why does the media love it.

According to some group, next Saturday is supposed to be the end of the world.  I am wondering if I should pay my bills or maybe just go to Cinnebon and eat every sticky bun they have just baked.  I have a family wedding that day, maybe I should write them and suggest that they take their honeymoon "this" week.  If there are only days left, what decadent thing should I embark upon because this may be my last chance.

Now I believe there is the possibility that human kind can call the shots on this and blow the world up.  What and who would be left;  probably just roaches, stink bugs and hedge-fund big-wigs.  There is so much money to be made on doom and gloom.

Every now and then we have these crazies out there with their predictions of annihilation for us all and they seem to be in their glory this year, or maybe it will happen next year and if that does not come about, well, they'll  have another date.

Me, I am going to pay my electric bill tomorrow and am planning on a good blooming season and a fun summer.  I also might eat a calorie-laden Cinnabon anyway, followed by some fine, fine wine.   Yum, life is good, especially if you ignore the naysayers and enjoy a scoopful of some sweet gooey substance with icing on top.


  1. Hello:
    Your plan to carry on as normal seems to us to make very good sense. In fact, apart from the payment of the electricity bill, always gloomy, you have rather a fun time coming up. Yes, life is good and we should ignore the harbingers of doom!

  2. The world is supposed to be coming to an end practically every year. So far, it is still here. No doubt one of these days it will happen but in the meantime I intend to get as much living out of every day as I can. The only time any of us can be sure of is "right this minute". Make it a good minute.

  3. One of the somewhat amusing side stories to this tale is that a bunch of atheists are making money off of it by offering to care for the pets of those who believe they're gonna be whisked off in the rapture. (Pay upfront, of course...)

  4. I better hurry up. Got lots to do before next week. Thanks for the comment on "Eyes right". There was a time twelve years ago that, for a few hours after 3 weeks in ICU, it could have gone either way. Not sad.

  5. That was so well said! I am still planting things in my garden - well you never know - they could be wrong!

  6. I figure the world is going to end the day before my book release. I don't have an exact date yet, but that's the most likely scenario.

  7. I like the cinnabon idea the best! ummm I haven't had one of those in a long time, don't go without me!