Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Inspector

Repeating myself with an oldie today, but my life got busy and I am doing OK.

Looking for Perfection

Hubby has worked most of his life in Quality Control.  This is perfect for a person with borderline OCD.  Was he born this way?  Possibly, since he is the oldest and as we have all read in countless articles on the Internet, first borns are the most driven. I was second born and am more in the slower lane, although my family may have something else to say about that. I guess I have my own crazies, but that is another subject.

Hubby looks for mistakes, searches for imperfections and finds satisfaction in any flaw he finds. You say that is a negative trait, no, no, he will tell you.  It is necessary and the world and I am better off knowing what is wrong so these things can be corrected and then we will all live a more satisfying life. 

The question always arises in our family as what to get as a present for H.  Give him a sweater or shirt, he will look for the loose thread.  Any item you present to him, he will closely inspect, turning it over a few times and if he has not found any failings, he will smile and everyone will rejoice. 

Now that spring has arrived, he has accompanied me on my walk-abouts in the neighborhood.  We cannot go past two or three homes without his commenting on the state of someone's lawn.  Dandelions and flowering weeds are not permissible in his eyes.  However, now that most of the offending plants have gone away due to lawnmowers, he is having a more relaxed walk and I, a more pleasant one. 

As much as all of this drives me up a wall, I do see some merit in his quest for excellence.  Heck, we have lawyers out there raking in millions for mistakes people and companies make. None of us wants to be a victim of errors in judgement or product failure.  However, no one and no thing is infallible.  Living with inadequacies is a good thing, it helps put things in perspective.  Mistakes are made because we are human and we all learn more from these than our accomplishments. It is about realizing not everything is important, letting things go and smiling and laughing at our failings.

I must say though because hubby is hubby, my family has lived a good life. I do like that I can count on him to fix things, to have remedies for problems and because of his piccadillos, I always have a good story.


  1. This is a very good post, because you looked past a flaw, and brought out the good in him. It's a gift, being able to do that. But it's also work, and takes wisdom.

  2. Before I posted, I got his approval. He is a good-hearted person, might drive me crazy, but has a nice sense of humor and can laugh at himself. Forty-three years and we haven't killed each other yet. That is an accomplishment.

  3. Your hubby sounds a little bit like mine, and we haven't killed each other in forty-two years. When it's gift-giving time, he picks out his own darned gifts! Then, he gets exactly what he wants and has no room for complaint.

  4. Hello:
    Perhaps it is a man-thing that lawns must be super green, weed free and grass all pointing in the same direction! We do not think that your husband is alone in having this as an area of concern. And, how wonderful that he always makes sure that everything is working perfectly....can he be hired?

  5. Yes, our lawn is perfect and with the blades pointing in the same direction. He will not use the riding lawn mower because it does not leave lines and therefore, not acceptable. Thank the Lord that he found 2 young men to mow last year and they do it to his specifications. It does look very nice and it makes him happy. It is good to be happy.

  6. What a well written blog. I liked the way you put a positive spin on his perfectionist tendencies. Always good to hear spouses building each other up, rather than tearing one another down.

    Wait for May 5th, I have an ode to my better half.

  7. He is my brother....what can I say....he definitely takes after his father...who was a great guy....I did not get the perfection trait..we live in the country and I couldn't tell you what kind of "things" grow in this yard...doesn't look like grass....no it's not normal grass....would drive him NUTS!!! Hope to see you guys Labor Day Weekend...we are working on it!!!

  8. nicely written

    I live with an academic.....
    his view of life is that his glass is half empty
    My glass ( generally) is half full......

    it pays to be deaf sometimes

  9. Thanks for making me smile today! Yes, like King Phillip said when asked recently how he and the queen's marriage lasted so long, he said."tolerance". Yep, he's right!