Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting The Bird

Cooking and cleaning but I am doing OK

It's just not the same.

Two of my four children are vegetarians. I tried to make this meal one year.  It squeaked when I cut into it and gave me the shudders. 

There will be no tofurky on my menu, but I will make a special vegetable main course for my youngest daughter.  My California daughter and her family, who will not be with us, will probably sit down at their table and enjoy their veggie fowl and all the trimmings.   It's just not for me, I don't like my birds to squish.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
Photo: A wild turkey

 He's a beauty!  Now I feel guilty.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! I would love to hear more about the vegetable main course you are making. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and am very thankful for you. Enjoy your tofurky free day! :-)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you daughter. He is lovely! Bonnie

  4. That is funny - two vegetarians - and that turkey sure was a pretty guy! sandie

  5. A family I know sing a round at the table: "We thank you for our food, and the animals, and the vegetables, and the minerals that make it possible." Happy Thanksgiving, Arleen.

  6. Tofurkey, huh? Not for our family. PETA members, one and all. (People Eating Tasty Animals) Not sure what veggie dish you're planning, but a vegetarian lasagna might work for you. (If your family likes mushrooms.)

    Take care, and a very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  7. I have a friend with Vegetarian children. She cooked a small turkey or chicken and made wonderful vegetable dishes. But all the kids had gravy -- they made that one concession to the yumminess that is Thanksgiving turkey!

  8. Besides a turkey (for the rest of us), I am debating between a vegetable pie or a Roasted Squash and Polenta Torta with Red Onion Marmalade. I have made the pie before, but never the Torta. I have ingredients for both and it will depend on how much time I have. The torta is a little more time consuming, and will be a Thanksgiving experiment. I love to live on the edge.

  9. Dear Arleen, I've been a vegetarian for over thirty years and I've tried so often to help my friends give up stewing about what they will feed me.

    A nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a favorite of mine. Or how about a salad with sliced strawberries and purple grapes and candied pecans over which you drizzle some raspberry vinaigrette? It's a real treat.

    What I'm wishing here is that you will enjoy your daughter's visit and simply let her find food she enjoys and wants to eat. She'll do fine. I'm sure of it!

    Be gracious to yourself in the preparation and have a lovely Thanksgiving.