Friday, November 18, 2011


My brain is turning into playdough, but doing OK

When doing my "10 things about me that you did not know" post, I forgot the second half of the challenge.  I was to pass this on to seven other people so they also can reveal their deepest, darkest secrets.  When I read Austan's post (Austanspace), I noticed that she listed 10 facts,  but for the Versatile Blogger award, you only need 7.  Austan combined two different awards into one, and I followed suit.  This post has been going around for quite a while now so those I might list may have already spilled the beans about themselves.  Also, if you do not wish to do this (what, you have a life?), don't worry  There will be no little leprechauns to take away your first born, a mole will not appear on your nose, and  you will not have to live with guilt for the rest of your life if you do not want to to participate.   All thong stories will be greatly appreciated.

Flying into the Light

Chatty Crone

The Medicare Mom

Brand New Day

coming home to myself

The Musical Gardener


The rules are to write 7 unknown facts about youself (like Austan and I, you can expand upon it to 10, or 50 if you please) and then ask 7 others to do the same.  I am sure with the holidays coming up, you will have plenty of time to do this.

Pass it on!


  1. That is sooooooooooo sweet of you. I have received it before and it is way down on the bottom on my blog.
    But to play- I will tell you 10 boring facts.
    1. I am scared to death of speaking in front of a group. I think I would faint. I am okay in a small group - much better.
    2.We are going to see Happy Feet tonight - okay the first Happy Feet I fell asleep in.
    3.When my dog stares at me and whines for food - I feel guilty.
    4. I love my pj's.
    5. My room at home is like a blue - green color and I have never found out the name of it -yet it is a very popular color.
    6. I listen to country music when i get ready in the morning.
    7. Love Keith Urban - teehee.
    8. I love Andrea Bocelli too.
    9. I need to learn to say no more!
    10. My grandson is a first degree black belt with a yellow stripe going for his orange in December.

    Okay I shared some secrets with you and again - thank you.

  2. Dear Arleen,
    Like "Chatty Crone," I have received this before. Then as now I felt honored to have been chosen by someone whose blog I so enjoy. Thank you, Arleen.

    Now before I begin to list those 10 things, I want to thank you for your comment a few minutes ago on my Saturday posting. The experience was beautiful and I'll never forget it. But I think all of us have similar experiences of feeling great contentment or being awed by the beauty of the moment. All of us are invited, I believe, to touch Oneness at some point(s) during our lives.

    Now for those 10 things:
    1) I'm besotted by cats--their gracefulness, their purr, their individuality.
    2) I read quickly and devour books, especially mysteries.
    3) For four years I got only about 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night. I became a walking zombie!
    4) On my desk sits Suzy, the doll my parents gave me for Christmas when I was eight. She's been a dear friend ever since.
    5) I have a statue of a lion who looks just like Arthur, my imaginary friend whom I first met when I was five.
    6) I don't know how to twitter or text.
    7) I have no idea what a blackberry is. Some new modern invention.
    8) I'm having such difficulties learning how to do an e-book.
    9) I'm also experiencing difficult in figuring out how to sell books on Amazon.
    10) I'm at an age where the following line of poetry makes lots of sense to me: "Though much is taken, much abides.'

  3. Hi Arleen!
    I also have done this before! I think it was Dee who got me! But, I will oblige as there's always something new going on!
    1. My youngest daughter Kailyn is coming home from France in 29 days!
    2. My oldest daughter Jessica is planning to student teach in New Zealand!
    3. I spent a lovely day with a dear friend today!
    4. I can not go to sleep without reading for a while (often an hour or so)
    5. I don't know how to twitter.
    6. I should be in bed reading right now!
    7. I have an ancestor who came over on the Mayflower
    8. I love peach green tea
    9. I am really tired and going to bed!

  4. Wow, Arleen, thank you so much for including me in your Versatile Blogger nominations. I will try and come up with my list of 7 items on my blog in the next few days.

    Thanks for making my day - of course 5 extra points to you in my Musical Gardener contest.

    Funny you mention thongs - there we were on our Sunday afternoon stroll today, and on the side of the road, lay a thong, peacefully reposing - how did it get there - I guess I don't want to know. This is getting to be a regular occurrence lately on our walks. I'm going to go back to woodland strolls, the flotsam and jetsam of humanity don't make it there in the same strange unusual quantities or categories.