Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shot Out of a Cannon

Holidays have started and though a little exhausted, I am doing OK.

Feeding frenzy of the mind.

During this time of year we find ourselves running in so many directions.  Got to do, got to go, got to make everybody happy, got to, got to, got to!  This year, I thought things would be much easier since I am no longer a part of the working world and free time, which used to elude me in the past, is now a big chunk of my life.  This would be the year when things would all get done in a more orderly and stress-free environment.   I would have time to do things at a slower pace, I would enjoy the season and life will be beautiful!  However, what I have found is that this is not my modus operandi. I manage and get so much more accomplished when I have to fit things in, when chaos surrounds me, and deadlines loom. I am at my best when I feel that my energy and brain are about to be placed in a vise and I have to figure my way out of a dilemma.  Dare I say, stress invigorates me.

In this past 11 months though, with little stimulus, I have lived in manana land.   Because there are no time constraints (unless when hubby - Mr. Time - comes home), I have put off many of the things that I was sure I would accomplish.  At night time, I think of what great task I will do the next day, and when tomorrow rolls around, I decide that I will put it off till the next tomorrow.  For many of my plans, that day has has not come around.  However, the holidays are here and I really do have a deadline. I need to make Christmas happy for my family (my own obsession), my wonderful California family will be visiting, and  decisions on what new electronic gadgets I should buy my grandchildren are looming.  To add to this I got a volunteer job last week, that requires me to think, make decisions, and contribute to the good of a community.  I also decided that after a year of failing eyesight, that I would do something about it and it will include a small surgery.  All this now, no manana.  Oh, how glorious these days will be, I will be useful again, I will be back on the treadmill , I will become zombie like.   Yes, I will complain, I will curse the damn tree, I will feel that I need to do more, I will be exhausted.  That is who I am and it feels good to be home again.


  1. Good for you...I'm still in manana land after a year and a half and a bit.....I still like it here.

  2. I see your retirement is going much like mine. I sometimes wish I was back at work, when I got so much more accomplished. I definitely need time management.

  3. Procrastination is my middle name. If I accomplish something early, I just end up redoing it....again and again and again. I can't let it be and go one.

  4. You just gave me laughter to tears. Thank you Arleen!

  5. Dear Arleen,
    I so relate to this posting. I retired 10 years ago but a regular routine each day. Then 2 1/2 years ago I began having physical ailments and so manana became my mantra also. But like you I seem to operate best when some stress is involved. Yet the truth is that I can no longer talk myself into doing much. I've got downright lackadaisical about life.

    I hope that the month of December doesn't overwhelm you. Remember to be gracious to yourself.


  6.'s me...the unknown person....I work the same way...I "bitch" that I am to busy but get much more done....I have just accomplished buying any Xmas gifts I need except for "hubby" and if he doesn't speak up soon won't happen for him...the boxes I need to ship are being sent tomorrow...YES...only because the past two weeks I have had to be out of here because of all the redoing here so I shopped and I hate that...but being forced to do got done way before it ever would have...YES!!! I love it....and I love you...wish I could "haunt" you guys over the Holidays...would love to see Heather and her gang...please always tell them I love soon...miss you!!!!!

  7. I can relate to what you say about operating best under stress and time constraints. When I look back at all the activities I juggled when our kids were growing up, I'm amazed. How in the world did I DO it? Every day of the week, there were things that "had" to be done, and some days, I got more accomplished before breakfast than I do in a full day now. But that's okay. Life in our empty nest is much more relaxed, and that suits me just fine, but I'm still not much of a "manana" person. I'm more inclined to do things way ahead of time so I get them done. (It's like a disease!)

    On your eye surgery, if it's cataracts, you go for it! You'll LOVE the results!

  8. Congrats on the volunteer job! You have such a beautiful will be a blessing to them. I just said the same thing to my Mama - that I work better under pressure. Since I quit my corporate job in April, I thought I would have my whole life organized and now I find I am just doing the things I like...or starting new challenges instead of doing what needs to get done. Ha! Thinking about you with your surgery & sending positive thoughts.

  9. Yes, I always lived on a massive dose of adrenaline, too. That all had to change when migraines moved in, but I enjoy the time to reflect and create. Just at a less frenetic pace! Happy tree decorating!

  10. I'm another one who sees myself in this post . . . well, except for the retired part! I wish, but not yet.

    I am happiest/most miserable (how can I be both at the same time??) when I am under the gun to get something done. I can do amazing things when I have a deadline, and not get a think accomplished when I have all the time in the world.

    Are you saying retirement isn't going to fix me?? :)

    Happy decorating and doing what you love for your family!

  11. I stopped working in July and totally relate to what you are saying. Things that I thought would get done ASAP still are waiting for me. I am thinking about a volunteer job as well.

  12. You are so funny with your comments on my post.

    And my retirement - I am working more then before I was retired - guess that means I'm not retired.


  13. I can identify with so much of what you're saying here. I too like the good stress that energizes me and gives me a sense of accomplishment, unlike the stress that oppresses and depresses. I miss work and need to go back cause I don't know how much longer I can afford not to. And ah yes, manana land--I visit often.

    Wrote By Rote

  14. I'm glad that you're looking forward to "being useful" again; I think having deadlines is the best way to get things done.

    I try to keep two thoughts in mind:
    1) Never put off until tomorrow what can be done the day after;
    b) If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done.


  15. Good for you and your new volunteer position! You are going to make a difference! It's a new path and I look forward to following your adventure. I'm at a crossroad of sorts so I really appreciate your insight.
    And - I never accomplish anything unless under pressure :) I actually do a better job when I am under pressure (compared to the few times I did something without pressure) For some reason it gets my adrenaline going.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  16. You have made some life changing decisions - and I applaud you for forging ahead with some new and "a little scary" plans. You will feel so relieved to have your eye surgery behind you - (please let us know when you are nearing that so that I can keep you in my prayers).

    Your new volunteer position will bless you a hundred times over. My hours spent doing volunteer work are such a blessing to me.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.