Monday, March 7, 2011

My Retirement - Reasons to Drink Wine

Winter is gone (I hope) and I'm doing OK

An appreciation of Vino

1)   It is celebratory.
2)  The glasses are elegant.
3)  Goes well with cheese and chocolate, the foods of life.
4)  Good for your heart.
5)  Calms your nerves.
6)  Promotes better brain health, although not necesarily in the hours after you
     have consumed a bottle by yourself.
7)  It denotes a certain sophistication and when you use words like woody, bold,
     complex, smokey, and  full  bodied, people will look at you and pay
      attention. You will "think" they are impressed.
8)  Sometimes a moderate price wine tastes just as good as the more costly one.
9)  It can become a religious experience.
10) Helps you love everyone.

James Thurber cartoon: Three people at a dinner table look quizzically at their host, who has a glass in his hand and a manic look in his eye, saying, "It's merely a naive domestic Burgundy, but I think you'll be amused by its presumption.

I say, it is nice to sit down with your family and friends, look around the table and smile, have a good meal and enjoy a moderately-priced, fine wine together.