Friday, March 18, 2011

My Retirement - So, you're over 60

Warm and Wonderful here and I am doing OK


- Knowing your life is better than Charlie Sheen's.
- You never have to worry about getting acne anymore.
- Your grandchildren like being around you more than they do their parents.
   The junkfood you gave them and the money you slipped into their hands has
   paid off.
- There is time to smell the roses and appreciate the smaller (and better)
   things in life.
- You no longer have to be a slave to fashion; it is more about comfort.  Oh,
   the joys of elastic!.
- Things you once deemed important, are not.
- You are no longer a fussy eater and most things taste good
   (maybe not brussel sprouts).
-  Generic Drugs
- There is more time to garden.
- You know what love really is and recognize it is not always easy and that is OK. 
- Some things are just so much funnier.
- Acceptance, and peace with it.


  1. being able to shop on weekdays and avoid the crowds
    the eyesight is going so the dust doesn't bother you any more
    just because it's daylight doesn't mean you can't have a nap
    they wave you over to the old folks chairs at the bank and look after you right away
    seniors discounts

  2. It's much easier to throw everything away....I am in a frenzy....Good Will sees me coming and probably wants to close the doors...just get RID of all the "stuff"!!!!!!!!!! Why did we need it anyway?????

  3. You know, I had that one in my draft, but the list was getting really long so I edited it out. It had to do with wants and needs. It is liberating to purge and not have so many wants anymore. I realize that everytime I look in my basement and see all the crapola I have accumulated. What was I thinking?

  4. We spent our whole lives collecting the junk we are getting rid of today!!! What is wrong with us!

  5. loved your post, made me laugh! thanks for that.
    Like chris I am so wanting to d junk, now to get my manly man on board! have a nice week-end! Thanks again for visiting my blog.